Horizon Zero Dawn PC Version Coming August 7; Unlocked Framerate, Built-In Benchmark and More PC-Specific Features Revealed

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Guerrilla has now revealed that the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn will release on August 7, 2020. The news comes soon after a Steam EULA listing was spotted earlier, which probably prompted Guerrilla to reveal the release date. A new trailer showcasing PC-specific features has also been released:

The trailer shows off how Horizon Zero Dawn on PC will enjoy the advantages of higher framerates, resolutions as well as ultra-wide monitor support. Some of these features aren’t too different from Death Stranding’s upcoming PC version. Both games use the same Decima engine so we expect performance parameters to be similar. One thing to be noted is that HZD will not include NVIDIA’s impressive DLSS 2.0 since it is an AMD partnered title. The game will also have improved dynamic foliage, improved reflections, and a host of other visual improvements.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Ultra-Wide Support
Horizon Zero Dawn PC Ultra-Wide Support

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Graphics Settings

Check out the screengrabs of the game’s options settings, where you’ll be able to unlock the framerate for high-refresh-rate displays.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn PC Display Settings
  • Horizon Zero Dawn PC Graphics Settings
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I should also add that aside from new under-the-hood settings, the game will also include all of the post-launch DLC since it’s the complete edition.

The game will also include an in-built benchmark, which is something I really appreciate. As you can see below, it seems like the game’s PC version has been optimized well. The game manages to reach the humble 1080p 60 FPS target with an AMD RX 580 and a lower end Ryzen quad-core processor.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn PC Benchmark
  • Horizon Zero Dawn PC Benchmarking tool

We’ve previously gone over how a PC version will take advantage of many of the Decima engine’s features. The game was absolutely gorgeous when it first came out on PS4 back in 2016, although it was limited to a 30 FPS cap. With that alone removed, it should make for a much smoother experience. Both Guerrilla and Sony are making a good decision to release this game on PC, which will also help in hyping up the sequel which will be a PS5 exclusive.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for PC will release on Steam and Epic Games Store on August 7, 2020. The game will cost $50 internationally but in other good news, Rs. 1099 in India.

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