Alienware 15 R3 Gaming Laptop Review

Alienware has been a major manufacturer of gaming laptops for the past two decades and the company continues to impress with it's latest offerings....

Intel Graphics Cards to Arrive in 2020, CEO Confirms

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich has confirmed that the chip-maker will start shipping it's very first discrete graphics cards by 2020. In a market largely...

Are Dinosaurs Coming Back To Earth?

Most of us have seen the Jurassic Park movies and have been fascinated by them. Some of us have even wondered if ‘de-extinction’, or...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: All You Need to Know

There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable see if they could beat the living daylights out of each other. While...
For Honor free on Uplay

Get For Honor Starter Edition for FREE on Ubisoft’s Uplay

To celebrate the first anniversary of the game, Ubisoft is giving away For Honor's Starter Edition for free on Uplay. Grab your copy now!

Making Your Own Personal Death Star: The Dyson Sphere

Let's put our self deprecating pants on. This is way too soon in an article, but time for some number crunching, because this is...

Square Enix E3 2018 Games and Announcements

Square Enix has always a diverse lineup of video games at their E3 showcases. E3 2018 was no different, with a slew of games...

Honor Play released with Kirin 970: Yet Another Gaming Smartphone?

Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor, is the newest player to compete in the hot gaming smartphone market with the launch of its latest smartphone, the Honor Play.

Honor Will Let You Turbo Charge Your Smartphone Gaming Experience!

Honor has announced that with their new GPU Turbo Boost technology, it can reduce SoC power consumption by 30% & increase GPU performance by a hefty 60!
Lenovo Z5 Official Image

Lenovo Z5 is finally here and it’s all LIES!

The Lenovo Z5 was teased by the company's VP Chang Cheng for weeks with a near bezel less display. The first phtot was posted...

Asus ROG Phone: A True Gaming Phone?

Asus started Computex 2018 with a bang launching the ROG phone. This is a new device in the gaming phone niche. And it seems...

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Disney has made it clear recently that they are interested in exploring the possibilities of the Star Wars universe with the anthology films. However, with Rogue One and Solo, these films haven't really explored anything new. Here's why we think Disney should take this opportunity to really explore original stories.
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story With No Wars, Sith or Jedi

When Solo was first announced, many fans were less than excited, many deciding to boycott it, considering it to be an unnecessary addition to...
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Why CW’s Arrow Should End After its Seventh Season

The CW's Arrow had a great start but lately has not been able to keep up with the quality it once had. Perhaps it's time to bid adieu to the emerald archer, and give more focus to its sister shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.
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Deadpool 2 Review : Bigger, Funnier, But is it Any Better?

The Merc with the mouth is back and this time it's bigger, funnier, and quite possibly better than the original movie. Think that's a bold claim? Read on to find out whether Deadpool 2 lives up to the immense (and deserving) hype around it.