The Essential Phone is up for grabs at just $279 right now!

While most companies are busy releasing budget phones to the market, Essential has just dropped the price of their flagship, the Essential...

Know your DDR: DDR4 Vs GDDR5 Vs LPDDR4 Vs HBM

One of the fundamental components of any computer, be it a bulky desktop or a 6-inch smartphone is memory, also known...

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Partner Cards Pictured

After what turned out to be a very long wait (more than two years), the next-gen NVIDIA Turing graphics cards are finally...

5 Interesting Facts On The Influence Of Music On The Human Psyche

Music. That struck a chord in your mind didn't it? This common form of expression universally brings about an amalgamation of feelings....

NASA Is Flying A $1.5 Billion Spacecraft Into The Sun

NASA is on the verge of reaching where no one has ever gone before. The Sun! Yes, that’s right, NASA will soon...

Anamorphine: Delve into the Darkness

Depression is a rather complex theme to tackle in video games. Therefore, it’s fairly rare, if not non-existent, that it would be...
We Happy Few is Weird

Inside The Weird World of We Happy Few

After years of being in early access, Compulsion Games' We Happy Few is finally hitting the shelves this week. What makes this game special...

Google Pixel 3 XL Unboxing Video Leaked!

The launch of the Google Pixel 3XL is due in October and 2 months prior, we've gotten an Unboxing video leak from the trusted source SlashLeaks.

Android 9 Pie Revealed- Update Rolling Out to Pixel Phones Right Now!

After months of testing in beta, Google has finally revealed Android 9 in its full glory: Meet Android Pie. The update is rolling out to Pixel phones.
Samsung Display

Samsung To Take On Gorilla Glass With Its Own ‘Unbreakable’ Glass

Samsung, in a bid to take on Corning and its Gorilla Glass, has come up with a glass panel of its own that...

Former NVIDIA employee joins Samsung to help build its GPU

In June we had found out that Samsung was planning to build an in-house GPU, based on LinkedIn job listings. The company was hoping...

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review: The Best in The Franchise?

The sixth installment in the franchise, Mission: Impossible- Fallout manages to improve upon the trademark action sequences, in addition to a good plot.
Disney buys Fox

Disney-Fox Merger is Approved- X-Men and Fantastic 4 Coming Home to Marvel

The long-standing Disney-Fox buyout has finally been approved by shareholders of both parties. Disney will now control all of 20th century Fox's assets.
Sophie Turner as Jean in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The Future of X-Men Doesn’t Look Good as Disney-Fox Deal Closes In

With the Disney-Fox deal soon approaching, it's been rumored that the next films in the X-Men franchise are going to be canceled.
Mukesh Ambani Relaince Jio

Reliance Jio to Enter The Streaming Video Market Soon With Exclusive Web Series

A recent report tipped off that Reliance Jio is looking to enter the streaming market. After changing the mobile network industry, what moves does Jio have?

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