What Is in CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam? How to Prepare for It Using Exam Dumps?

Obtaining credentials has proven to be one of the best ways to boost IT careers. It comes with benefits such as increased technical competency at work, improved salaries, and hence better living standards, and paves way for you to join a professional community among others. CompTIA is one of the globally recognized vendors of IT certs and their related exams. One of the reasons for its popularity is that its certifications are vendor-neutral, i.e. they relate to a wide variety of products and services. Some popular CompTIA badges are A+, Security+, Linux+, CASP+, Project+ among others visit https://www.exam-labs.com/.

About Security+ Credential

The CompTIA Security+ badge is one of the best options for entry-level practitioners with an interest in information security. This is because this certification validates critical security issues related to most current trends in intrusion detection, threat management, and risk mitigation. Security+ credential holders not only identify security issues but also understand how to address them. This CompTIA A Plus PDF Answers certification also complies with ISO 17024 merits and is US DoD approved to meet 8140/8570.01-M specifications. As you can see, having the Security+ badge on your resume is a proof to potential employers that you can get the work done, which sets you ahead of your peers while looking for job or promotion opportunities. However, these benefits do not come easy because for you to possess this badge you have to pass one comprehensive exam, SY0-501 by code. Let’s go ahead and look at its objectives in detail.

What Is in SY0-501 Test? Why Exam Dumps to Prep for It?

As mentioned earlier, CompTIA Network Plus Free Answers N10-007 is one of the CompTIA’s ISO/ANSI-authorized exams launched on 4th Oct 2017. It contains a maximum of 90 performance-based and multiple choice questions that have to be completed within 90 minutes. You will be considered to pass your test if you get 750 points out of 900. For $349, you can sit for the assessment either in English, Japanese, Portuguese, or Chinese. The major domains covered in this test are:

  • Threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks – these concepts entail determining different ways where a network, device, or applications can be undermined including scanning for vulnerabilities and carrying out penetration tests. 
  • Identity and access control management – this domain deals with installing control tools to identify and manage access on devices and networks.
  • Risk management – it involves affecting ways to identify risks, procedures to deal with risks and strategies to recover data after a risk has occurred.
  • Technologies together with tools – this theme details troubleshooting network components while installing them to ensure overall organizational safety.
  • Cryptography and PKI – this is the topic that incorporates ways of setting up wireless security and using PKI (public key infrastructure).
  • Architecture as well as design – it implicates developing a safe network design that is free from vulnerabilities.

The current CompTIA Security Plus PDF Answers Sy0-501 curriculum also includes concepts related to IT security auditing and penetration testing. From the information above, the CompTIA SY0-501 exam is detailed, quite costly, and has to be done within specific time limits. Thus, adequate exam prep is necessary to ensure that you cover all the topics and pass this test at your first attempt. This can be realized by using effective exam study resources such as CompTIA official training, study guides, video training, virtual labs, and practice questions from reputable sources such as PrepAway.com and Exam-Labs.com. These CompTIA Certification Exams Free (VCE) Answers providers offer the best exam dumps for your SY0-501. Being accurately collected and checked, these dumps will equip you with the necessary knowledge to pass your exam with flying colors. In addition, while using them, you’ll learn the structure of your test, how to manage your exam time wisely, and will immensely build up your confidence before appearing for the main assessment.

SY0-501 Assessment Scheduling Options

Now that we have looked at the topics tested in SY0-501 assessment let’s look into ways of booking the test. There are two alternatives to sit for your exam from which you can choose which suits you best. These are:

  • Testing centers by Pearson VUE

This is where you have to physically go to the Pearson testing center near your location to sit for the assessment in person. These centers are found all over the world. For more details on the testing centers near your place please visit the Pearson VUE website.

  • Online testing by Pearson OnVUE

This option involves tackling CompTIA Certification Dumps from anywhere at your own comfort. This requires a reliable internet connection. The Pearson website has more information on the requirements and regulations governing online testing.

Other Important Details of Security+

Once you have scheduled your test, aced it, and been given the Security+ badge, it is valid for 3 years after which renewal is necessary. Armed with this certification, you can hold job positions such as a systems administrator, security engineer, network engineer, and some intermediate level roles including a penetration tester and junior IT auditor in companies that belong to different sectors of the economy. For instance, as a penetration tester, some of your duties will include:

  • Planning penetration tests according to customer requirements.
  • Carrying out penetration tests and audits on networks, devices as well as applications.
  • Collecting data from the penetration test procedures and reviewing it to identify any security concerns.
  • Advising on the best practices to implement in order to make the network secure.

As stated by PayScale.com, the average annual salary earned by the CompTIA Security+ badge holder is $74k. This, plus other benefits listed earlier on are a good return on your investment.


In conclusion, the CompTIA SY0-501 test objectives are extensive and well-aligned with the modern trends in information security. If you wish to be an entry-level IT security practitioner, then obtaining the Security+ badge is your best bet at launching your career. The good news is that passing this test has now been made easier by the use of effective and up to date exam prep tools such as accurate exam dumps readily available on the internet.

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