Bloodborne Remaster Could Be Coming To PS5 And PC


    [Update: Apparently it didn’t get announced at the PS5 event, but that doesn’t cancel out the fact that a remaster is currently in-works and will eventually be announced. Instead we’re getting a Demon’s Souls remake on the PS5. Atleast that’s some good news for FromSoft fans, especially since it’s Bluepoint Games that’s working on the remake.]

    FromSoftware’s best creation yet might be making its way to PC now, according to many industry insiders. Rumors about a PC port of Bloodborne have been floating around since quite long. From people asking for it since launch, to several leaks like the Amazon France listings. A PC version finally seems more possible than ever.

    There have been numerous rumors even before this but they weren’t as credible as these. It’s getting all-over the internet, with a lot of insiders pointing towards a PC port and a possible PS5 release.

    Reputed insider Wario64 hinted towards a PC port via a tweet, suggesting that PS Now won’t be the only way to experience the gruesome beauty that is Bloodborne.

    As far as the rumors suggest, it’s supposed to be a remaster or a “definitive edition” with 4K and ultra-wide support. It may not have an unlocked frame rate but a 60 FPS lock, like Quantic Dream’s PC ports.

    This remaster is in development by the same studio that brought the Dark Souls remaster and the Shadow of The Colossus remake, so you can rest assured it’s in good hands.

    A channel on YouTube claiming to have reliable sources says it’ll be coming to Steam, and will be getting some visual improvements like the addition of chromatic aberration and other quality of life improvements.

    While being launched back in 2015 as a clunky mess, Bloodborne is FromSoft’s biggest hit yet with a huge fanbase. The gruesome and atmospheric environment of the game is an instant eye-catcher. That combined with FromSoftware’s unique Souls gameplay mechanics and deep lore make it a fan-favourite.

    The PS4 exclusive recently received an unofficial 60 FPS mod as well. Check out what Rahul had to say seeing one of his favourite titles running at 60 FPS goodness.

    We’re very close to the announcement if this is all true. The remaster was supposed to be announced at the PS5 event that is now postponed, with the new date rumored to be June 12. So we wouldn’t have to wait too long to know how true these rumors really are.

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