Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain Headed onto Steam


    Quantic Dream has announced that their critically-acclaimed collection will be arriving simultaneously to Steam next month, after years of console exclusivity and a near 6-month exclusivity with Epic Games on PC.

    The holy news comes through a Twitter announcement:

    Quantic Dream’s developer page is now live on Steam, and the free demos are now available to try out the collection.

    The pricing on Steam is not yet known but will likely be the same as Epic Games Store, unless they take into account regional pricing, in which case it’ll be cheaper in India.

    If it’s the same as Epic, Detroit: Become Human will be $25 and Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain $12 each.

    Heavy Rain launched back in 2010 on the PS3 to high praise from both critics and fans alike. It was Quantic’s winning lap. Its presentation and use of motion capture allowed for higher levels of character animations and subtleties than was common at that time.

    Beyond: Two Souls came out later in 2013 to mediocre reviews, but was still a must-play. The two games were later re-released on the PS4 before Detroit launched in 2018 as a huge success.

    Last year, the three games broke PlayStation exclusivity and launched on PC as Epic Games exclusives, a decision to which some were happy, but some disdained just because Epic Games isn’t Steam. Well, that won’t be the case in 3 weeks, fortunately.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is also set to arrive on Steam this year. With more and more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, how do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments.

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