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Hawking’s Black Hole Theorem Approved After 50 Years by MIT Scientists

50 years after the late scientist proposed it, Hawking’s black hole theorem based on gravitational waves has been proven observationally by scientists.

A Cluster of Stars Filled with Black Holes: New Discovery

Researchers have discovered solar-mass black holes at the center of a globular cluster a few thousand light years away.

Mapping the Universe Using Black Holes: New Discovery

A new study by astronomers has brought to light a method that can be used for mapping the universe using Black Holes.

3 Scientists Win The Nobel Physics Prize For Black Hole Breakthrough

Three scientists, Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez, won the 2020 Nobel Physics Prize for extraordinary research work about black holes.

Black Hole so Big, it Has Trapped 6 Galaxies

A new study has found a Super Massive Black Hole that has trapped 6 galaxies in its gravitational well. Find out more.

Indian Scientist Discovers Unique Black Hole 142 Times the Mass of the Sun

Indian scientist discovers 'unique' black hole 142 times bigger than the mass of the sun. Find out more.

Black Holes and the Possible New “Blanets” In the Milky Way

In a new paper, researchers have shown that there could be "Blanets" orbiting Super Massive Black Holes in the Milky Way. Find out more.

The Mysterious Black Hole ‘Blink’ That You Need To Know About

A Black Hole has a 'blink', astronomers have found a surprising new phenomena which shows the mysterious disappearance of the Black Hole 'corona'.