WhatsApp and Instagram Are Back After a Global Outage

    instagram WhatsApp down

    Can’t open WhatsApp or Instagram? Cursing your internet provider or being feared of some new pandemic? It’s not you or your internet provider; it’s Mark and his severs, which are down at the creating havoc across the globe, but now there’s not much to worry about as they are back up again, running fine for the moment.

    Downdetector, which provides real-time updates on the internet service outages, reported that Facebook Inc. service, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, are facing technical issues affecting millions of users across the world.

    According to Downdetector, users started reporting problems around 10:45 PM IST, and almost 98 per cent of users reported issues in sending or receiving the message connection. In contrast, 2% of users reported log-in related issues.

    More than 1.2 million people reported issues with Instagram, while over 23,000 users reported issues with WhatsApp on the Downdetector.

    The Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger were not working for nearly an hour. In the meantime, several users took upon Twitter to rant about the social media conglomerate, and there were so many memes; here are some of the best ones.

    Twitter’s best when Instagram is not there.

    It’s still not clear what caused this, and there was no comment from Facebook, but Facebook Gaming Twitter account acknowledged the issue and assured its user that multiples team are working on the resolution.

    Well, it’s back now, but this is not the first time when Facebook went rogue; Facebook Messenger and Instagram went down back in December. But there’s a moment of teaching that before cussing your internet provider or beating your router, you should check Twitter, so install Twitter and rant about Zuckerberg whenever Facebook goes down.

    These outages aside, Facebook and WhatsApp are currently facing huge backlash over privacy concerns, as Facebook hasn’t been known for the best privacy. In contrast, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy does not look pleasing to privacy advocates and every one of us out there.

    There’s one thing for sure that Facebook has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s gonna be a hard life without WhatsApp and Instagram if it gets banned someday, specifically in the land of India.

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