Welcome, Edison’s New OnMail, Which is Absolutely Free of Ad-Targeting!


    Edison’s OnMail is the new email service that gives you control and does not allow any advertisement targeting. Edison’s new mail service is launching today in a public beta. Hopefully, in the not so distant future, OnMail will soon be a promising name among the email services that currently operate.

    It already has a pretty unique feature of not encouraging and enabling target advertising. Edison already has an email app which, barring a few features, pretty much has the same features as that of its competitors, like Yahoo, Gmail or even iCloud email services. OnMail is definitely a different deal as it gives the users control, privacy and makes the whole email business pretty seamless. 


    This independent email service by Edison is hugely different as it emphasises on control. By providing users “full control”, it refers to a situation where the users will have full control over their inbox. There are a host of features that OnMail provides such as letting the users ‘Accept Sender’. In this ‘Accept Sender’ feature, the users can accept and also block the senders so there is an advantage in regards to privacy.

    Not just privacy, through this feature the spamming will also go down as the users can block those senders. OnMail has also mentioned in its press release that it will provide with a free account and also have subscription-based accounts such as Freelance, Professional and Business accounts.


    It has several features designed to improve the way email works, such as ‘Accept Sender’ which is a convenient little feature which can help you to block senders before they can eat up your inbox with useless emails. Edison also vows to provide OnMail’s superior search capabilities, focus on privacy and much more.

    The free tier includes 10GB of storage and a 100MB attachment size limit — most current email services range between 10 and 50MB. The Freelance has a 20GB storage and a 250MB attachment size with a custom domain and a password protected large file links. The Professional account comes with 100GB of storage and 1GB attachment limits, while Business has a 1TB and 5GB storage respectively to offer!

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