WhatsApp to Bring Personalised Wallpapers for Different Chats


    WhatsApp is supposedly going to launch a new feature which will help a user choose different backgrounds for different chats. These different backgrounds will be based on different themes.

    WhatsApp personalised backgrounds isn’t exactly a very new and innovative feature as many apps in the past have had it. This feature has been spotted in the iOS beta version but it is reported that this is also being tested for Android devices now.


    This testing was spotted in the WhatsApp v2.20.199.5 beta for Android. As mentioned already, this feature is just being tested. Users might thus have to wait a bit to get it on their phones. WhatsApp is planning to launch this feature by sending out the beta version to a few users, post which it shall be launched for users all across the globe. 

    How will this update work? A little about this feature that WhatsApp will soon launch: to use this feature, a user has to first download the WhatsApp Wallpaper app. WhatsApp has an official app for wallpapers and this feature will be an extension of that app. This wallpaper app is already on Google Play, however, it received its last update in 2011.

    Once this feature is launched by the messaging platforms, the wallpaper app will also receive necessary updates. Users will then be able to download the app and then use its updated version.


    Even though the company has been working on this particular feature, nothing has been finalised as to when this it will be rolled out. There is no specific date that has been mentioned. WhatsApp has also started working on other updates and features, one of them being the Storage Usage redesigning of the app.

    In this feature or update, the users can expect to see a storage bar present which will have all the details about how much space is consumed and how much is left. It will further show information regarding how much space the media files have consumed so far! This is an extremely helpful feature for users who do not keep a tab on their WhatsApp space consumption. With this feature, users can also expect to find an option which will allow users a ‘suggested clean up’ to declutter the memory.

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