Twitter Includes Race, Ethnicity and National Origin Into its Hate Speech Rules

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Social media is a domain of great power and having this power tamed in a manner so as to not dominate and corner specific communities is of great importance. Twitter on Wednesday, took a step to protect such an important issue by updating its hate speech rules.

Who is helped by this Twitter update?

The social media giant has faced slack from Arisha Hatch, Color of Change VP, for failing to update its policies especially before Presidential Elections in the US in November despite warnings from various groups regarding violent and dehumanizing speech.

The new update aims bar hateful speech that include ”language that dehumanises people on the basis of race, ethnicity and national origin,” twitter said in a statement.

With more and more tech companies spawning with their primary businesses being social media platforms, a need to protect communities from various forms of abuse is of utmost significance. Color of Change is a non-profit organization that aims to respond to such callings and bring about necessary changes by persuading companies to bring reforms.

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VP of Color of Change, Arisha Hatch, has also accused Twitter of denying transparency surrounding as to how its content moderators are trained and the efficiency of it AI to identify content that violates the policies that the social media giant promises.

Twitter failed to act when Chinese community were publicly bashed on its platform during global outbreak of COVID-19. Courtesy: BBC

This update to the already established policies by Twitter that came into being after in March after the outbreak of the pandemic, during which many sections of communities across the globe blamed China’s negligence to be the sole cause for the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

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