Turmeric is the finest spice to control Diabetes.


    Diabetes is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood glucose and if necessary action is not taken to curb it, it can lead to an increased risk of stroke. A person is said to be suffering from diabetes when their blood sugar is excessively high and insulin hormone that breaks down the glucose which is produced in pancreas is either not made by the body or utilized in a proper way. This condition, if not managed well, can damage one’s eyes, kidneys and overall health.

    Diagnosis of Diabetes.

    According to the World Health Organisation estimate, 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes in 2016. It was considered as the seventh leading cause of death the same year.

    Improved resources for diabetic students.

    Turmeric is the spice which is made from the root ‘Curcuma Longa’. Turmeric is considered to be the finest spice because of its medical properties. To keep blood sugar levels in control, take a pinch of ginger powder with turmeric milk. It can improve one’s fasting blood sugar levels. Additionally, various studies suggest that adding a pinch of cinnamon powder to turmeric milk can helps lower insulin levels.

    The combination of species can lower the insulin and Triglycerides that are increased by high-fat meals. Black pepper is also a good accompaniment to turmeric.

    Wonders of turmeric in curing diabetes.

    It is advised to start with a smaller dosage after consulting an expert. Though there are some measures to minimize the risk of Diabetes, it is the primary duty of an individual to maintain his own lifestyle and visit the doctor for regular tests.

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