HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop with AMD Ryzen 3000 APUs (Picasso) Coming Soon


    Over the past few years, the mobile CPU market has been stagnating thanks to repeated refreshes of Intel’s Skylake core architecture. Whiskey Lake and its predecessor and successor were more or less identical. However, this year is more exciting for enthusiasts as Intel launched the 10nm Ice Lake chips and guess what? After Asus, HP is also planning to offer AMD’s Ryzen 3000 APUs in its Pavilion gaming laptops. So what does this mean? Cheaper gaming laptops with pretty much the same level of performance as the Intel parts.

    HP is set to refresh its Pavilion gaming lineup. The newer notebooks will feature a wider hinge, revamped ports and better cooling and of course brand new hardware on the inside. It’s not clear whether these PCs will be getting the 10th Gen Intel Ice Lake or Comet Lake chips or continue with the older Whiskey Lake parts, however, the Pavilion 15 will include the Ryzen 5 3550H and the Ryzen 7 3750H for sure.

    Compared to Intel’s Core i5-9300H and the Core i7-9750H, these APUs are slightly slower when it comes to singlethreaded performance especially gaming, but the deltas aren’t significant and in most cases, it’ll be the GPU causing the bottleneck.

    The 2019 Pavilion lineup will see the Ryzen CPUs paired with NVIDIA’s GTX 16 series graphics cards including the GTX 1650 and the GTX 1660 Ti (along with the Max-Q parts as well). These ought to be considerably cheaper than the Intel versions making them a much more viable option to most gamers.

    While the Pavilion 15 is confirmed to launch with the Ryzen APUs, it’s not clear whether the 17-inch model will include the Picasso chips or not. The HP Pavilion Gaming 15 will launch next month with a price tag starting from $800.

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