New Chinese GPU as fast as Nvidia GTX 1080 is allegedly being developed


    When we think of gaming graphics cards, it’s either AMD Radeon or Nvidia GeForce that comes to our mind. This might not be the case for long as a Chinese GPU company by the name Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics is allegedly building a GTX 1080-level graphics chip dubbed JM9271.

    Alleged specs of the new Chinese GPU Jingjia JM9271

    Can the JM9271 GPU really be as Fast as the GTX 1080?

    The company currently produces a lower end 28nm based JM7200 which provides Radeon R7 240/GT 640 level of performance at a TDP of 10-40W. The R7 240 is also a 28nm GPU and operates within a TDP of 30W.

    AMD Radeon R7 240Jingjia JM7200
    Core Clockup to 780 MHzup to 1300 MHz
    Memory Capacityup to 2GBup to 4GB
    Memory Clock900 MHz1066 MHz
    Memory Bus128 bit64 bit
    Memory Bandwidth28.8 GB/s17.06 GB/s
    TDP30 W10-40 W

    As we can see, the specs of the 2 cards are quite similar barring a couple of exceptions.
    The JM7200 has about half the memory bandwidth but its core is clocked nearly twice as high so things should even out. This implies that the IPC of these 2 GPU architectures should be remarkably comparable.

    The fastest 28nm AMD graphics card Radeon R9 Fury X is around 11x faster than R7 240 according to TechpowerUp. But it’s still around 50% slower than the GTX 1080. If we add up, the GTX 1080 should be 12x faster than the R7 240 which certainly appears to be the case.

    APIOpenGL 1.5OpenGL 4.5
    Core Clockup to 1300 MHz>1733 MHz
    Memory Capacity & Typeup to 4GB GDDR316GB HBM2
    Memory Bandwidth17.06 GB/s512 GB/s

    Since we do not have the number of stream processors (SPs) of the either GPUs, we have to guesstimate it by looking at the TDP. The JM7200 operates between 10-40W. If we assume the average TDP of the JM7200 as 25W, then the larger JM9271 should have around 8 times the SPs or basically 8 times faster.

    Also given the fact that the JM9271 has at its disposal 30 times the Memory bandwidth of the JM7200 and it should hardly come as a surprise that the 9271 may indeed perform at the same level of GTX 1080 despite still being on 28nm.

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    1. Game developers have optimise their games for this GPU, which I don’t think they will do, unless this GPU is quite low in price and trusted. And if China alone starts using it then it will automatically become a large company because China has a very large population.

    2. Then what would they promote in this tech site? Asus, gigabyte and almost all the major tech brands are chinese companies. Lisa Su and Jensen Huang are both Chinese

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