Top 3 Stock Android ROMs For The Poco F1


    Back when the OnePlus One came out with CyanogenOS, one of its major selling points was its developer-friendly nature. OnePlus never penalized customers for unlocking their bootloaders and rooting their phones, in fact, they encouraged it. After the OnePlus One and Nexus 5, the Poco F1 now has huge developer backing. Right from nightlies to stable working versions, there are certain ROMs and kernels for the Poco F1 that make use of the powerful hardware and take the user experience a notch above what we’re used to seeing on MIUI. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite stock android ROMs and telling you whether it’s worth the effort to flash them!

    The legendary OnePlus One!

    1. PixelExperience

    This is as close to stock AOSP as you can get! The PixelExperience ROM offers you a stable bare-bones stock android experience akin to what you’d find on the Pixel. Loaded with all the Google services (including the GCam port for the Poco) this ROM is the most stable one as of now, second only to Lineage. With a huge developer community and weekly bug-fixes, flashing the PixelExperience ROM is a decision you’ll never look back on once you get used to the snappiness.

    PixelExperince gets you an almost unadulterated stock experience.

    2. LineageOS

    How can we talk about custom ROMs without including this behemoth on the list? For the uninitiated, LineageOS is a spin-off from yesteryear CyanogenMod. (a minute of silence) A couple of the devs that were part of the original Cyanogen team are now maintainers for the Lineage ROM. All the salient features that made Cyanogen so great are still available on LineageOS, making this a very secure and stock experience. Slap on a kernel of your choice and Lineage is one of the most balanced ROMs out there, backed by the largest developer community ever!

    Spin-off of yesteryear Cyanogen.

    3. Paranoid Android

    This is another feature-rich stock AOSP ROM with Substratum and Color Engine support. The theming option are endless and PA seems to be one of the most popular ROM options amongst newbies delving into the world of ROMs. It’s both easy to install and insanely stable, with developers taking great pains to perfect every single aspect. If you’re a newbie we’d suggest starting out with Team Paranoid.

    Paranoid Android

    We hope you liked our list! If you have any other Stock Android ROMs that you’d like to see added on this list, please do let us know in the comments section below.

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