Top 5 Reasons Why Salesforce is The Best CRM


    Using the right customer relationship management solution can improve numerous processes and functions across various departments in your business. These functions all boil down to one common goal, and that is to manage your business’s customer relationships efficiently, productively, and seamlessly. However, the many features and functions in today’s CRMs vary. With this in mind, you need to understand the true power of the right CRM for your business, and you need to identify which CRM has the full range of capabilities and features that your unique business needs. 

    You could spend long hours comparing Salesforce vs other CRM solutions on the market today, or you could cut to the chase to explore why Salesforce is the best option. This CRM has been recognized as the best option for small businesses, midsized businesses, and enterprises for many years. Recognition comes from reputable sources like CRM Magazine, ZDNet, Software Advice, and other organizations, as well as from the many satisfied business users of Salesforce. 

    Why is Salesforce so popular and preferred by such a wide range of businesses? Understanding the answer to this question will reveal why Salesforce is the CRM that your business needs to be using. 

    Top Salesforce Advantages

    While most of the other CRMs that you may be researching today excel in one or two areas, the best CRM for your business needs to meet all of your needs today and in the future. Salesforce is unique because it is a robust platform with well-developed features that cover all of the bases. Its features and capabilities have been instrumental in the successful operations of smaller and larger businesses alike from a wide range of industries for years. What are the specific Salesforce advantages that will benefit your business?

    1. Scalability & Customization

    One of the reasons why Salesforce excels at meeting the many needs of a wide range of businesses is its exceptional customization and configuration options. Salesforce can create multiple types of records within the platform to meet your team’s many functional needs, and Salesforce can configure each record type with custom fields and layouts. More than that, the platform can be customized at the developmental level with specific coding to create a truly unique solution tailored to meet the business’s needs.

    In addition to customizing records, each user can customize his or her dashboard. Simultaneously, the solution can be integrated with various other third-party platforms, such as e-commerce solutions and ERPs. Such customization supports improved internal processes, a better customer experience, and increased productivity. 

    With many of the other CRMs offered today, businesses often must adjust processes to conform to their chosen CRM features. Perhaps they will not fully take advantage of an effective CRM’s full power because their CRM does not meet all of their needs. Salesforce’s scalability and customization options combine with its easy-to-use functionality and layout to make it a superior platform. 

     2. Multitenant Architecture

    While Salesforce is a scalable solution, its performance capabilities and features are not affected by the business’s size. Regardless of how small or large the company is and what that business needs from its CRM, it can utilize this single platform. Because the entire infrastructure is on a single platform, everything from updating data records to upgrading software and tackling other essential tasks can be completed seamlessly and efficiently. 

    This is opposed to a multi-platform environment. Such fractured environments lack the efficiency that Salesforce provides through periodic upgrades, daily functions, and more. Employees and customers alike can benefit from Salesforce’s seamless functionality.

     3. Security

    Data security is understandably a primary concern among all types of businesses today. Data breaches and security issues can impact everything from a business’s reputation to its bottom line. While many other CRMs on the market today have modest security features at best, Salesforce has been engineered with a focus on security from its inception. 

    One of the many security features that many businesses take full advantage of is securing specific records without limiting access to those who need to see the documents. Admins can give permissions only to the employees who need access to the data files without hassle. While this safeguards data, it also eliminates the need to take an excessive number of steps to share sensitive data securely. 

     4. Salesforce Cloud Apps 

    The robust functionality of Salesforce continues with its optional SaaS solutions. Because these solutions are integrated within the platform, businesses can enjoy financial savings and efficient internal operations. Some of the cloud-based solutions are Sales Cloud, Sales Chatter, and Service Cloud. When these apps are combined with the other features and advantages of Salesforce, this CRM becomes the ultimate business application. 

     5. Marketing and Sales Features 

    While customer relationships may be nurtured across multiple departments in a typical business, the sales and marketing departments often interact with customers to a much higher level. Salesforce has a range of features that are specifically designed with sales and marketing activities in mind. 

    In addition to serving as a contact manager, Salesforce offers analytics, customizable dashboards, customer engagement tools, opportunity and lead tracking, task management, and other functions. Marketers can appreciate social media integration, email integration, and several other role-specific features. 

    You can see that Salesforce is the complete CRM solution that your business needs. While many of your employees may take advantage of the desktop interface, this is also a mobile-ready platform that your team can utilize remotely. A custom app can be developed specifically to suit your business’s needs. 

    Salesforce Services for All Businesses

    Chetu specializes in providing customized CRM solutions to businesses on a global scale. Initially founded in 2000, Chetu’s team has extensive experience working with companies that range from startups to Fortune 5000 corporations. From Salesforce app development to integration, data migration, upgrading, implementation, cloud solutions, and ongoing support, Chetu has the full range of services that today’s businesses need to optimize the advantages of Salesforce.

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