Top 5 Chrome Extensions Students Must Use – Tips and Tricks

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    Past few months have been pretty easy for students, haven’t they? Well, to make your life (more) easier, check out these top 5 Chrome extensions.

    Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Students

    1. Podcastle AI

    If you find it hard to read long phrases of texts like me (I know, ironical right?), then Podcastle AI is the one extension for you. It reads the selected (or the whole webpage) at a pace you prefer. You can even change the voice of the speaker (male/female), and even select locale. I was able to read a case study (18 pages long), that would have taken me at least a day, in just over 30 minutes. Try the extension here.

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    2. Night Shift Redux

    night shift redux chrome extensions

    Shift to online learning has students staring at the screen more than ever, and most of them spending their time on the good old (RAM hungry) Google Chrome. Starting on the screen, obviously, causes eyes to strain and can have long term effects. Night Shift Redux is one of the best Chrome extensions I’ve found. Not only it turns white backgrounds to black during night time, even during day time it maintains a slight yellowish tint on the screen that reduces eye strain. This, personally, is one of my favourite Chrome extensions. Check it out here.

    3. The Great Suspender

    Still angry at your Chrome for hogging your laptop’s RAM? Well, look no more. This superb Chrome extension hibernates webpages (after a specific amount of time) that are no longer in use. This not only makes your laptop’s (and Chrome’s) performance faster, but will also help you in saving some of that battery juice.

    4. PostureMinder

    Slouching at desk for long hours can result in back pains, and might even cause permanent damage to your body posture. This simple Chrome Extension will send you a reminder every n number of minutes. Check it out here.

    5. Strict Workflow

    Been caught scrolling YouTube while you should be studying? This Chrome extension blocks the browser from opening websites that you add to the blocklist so that you can focus on work. Check it out here.

    Know any good Chrome extensions? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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