Top 5 Car Racing Games Available On Android

    Need for Speed: No Limits - Android Car Racing Games

    Most of us started our gaming journey with the racing game genre. Some of the famous racing games were Midtown Madness, Road Rash, and NFS: Most Wanted. But most of the famous racing games are available over the PC/Console platform and there’s no one who can disagree that the level of gameplay on PC is much better than the Android mobile version.

    However, even the mobile gaming industry has got a makeover. So, in this article, we shall check out Top 5 Car Racing Games which we can experience over the Android platform.

    Ratings, reviews, and audience interaction are taken under consideration while making up the list.

    1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

    asphalt 8

    It will unfair if we don’t involve the Asphalt Series while thinking of the top racing games. The first game from the franchise came in November 2004 and the 8th edition i.e. Asphalt Airborne, managed to go beyond the previous records set by the franchise. The game developed by Gameloft has two modes. The first one is the career mode where the player has to go through various events in order to finish the game and the second mode is where players can indulge in an Online Multiplayer mode in order to increase the game level. The visuals, in-game sounds, and the gameplay of the game are top-notch, but the only setback for the game is that often gamers experience crashes.

    2. F1 Mobile Racing

    F1 mobile racing

    F1 Mobile is one of the most popular racing games on the Android platform. The game is based on the theme of F1 races. It’s developed by Codemasters Software Company. The game has two modes. A career mode for the completion of the game and another multiplayer mode where you can challenge one of your friends to finish up the laps before you. However, the increasing number of participants can help the game to get a good audience involvement.

    3. Asphalt Xtreme


    Asphalt Xtreme is the first off-road game on this list. The game was developed by Gameloft. Various tracks are there for shining up their skills. The game has got diversity when it comes to vehicles. From SUVs to buggies, every sort of off-road vehicle is available. The game has a career mode where one has to complete various events for the accomplishment. The game also has a multiplayer feature where 8 players can battle at a time. The game looks complete when it comes to graphics, gameplay, and in-game sounds. But many times players do face server connection problems.

    4 Need for Speed: No Limits

    nfs no limits

    The game developed by EA is a complete package when it comes to racing games. A lot of variety is found in every aspect of the game, may it be race tracks or vehicles. The game has various events that a player has to surpass in order to finish up the game. The cars can be customized using the tools available. The game no doubt has realistic graphics, but the in-game sounds are not up to the level.

    5. CarX Drift Racing 2


    This is one of the best drift games you can ever come across. The game was developed by CarX Technologies. There are different levels that can be unlocked. The game has very appealing graphics, in-game sounds, and gameplay. There is a wide range of tracks in the game. Various modes are available. But the only problem with the game is the controls. Many times the control gets glitched and players are not able to handle their vehicle. But once this bug/glitch is fixed the game will stand on the top again.

    So these were the Top 5 racing games that any mobile gamer should look for. There’s no particular genre set for the list. Thus the same famous games might have missed out. If you prefer other genres of mobile games, then make sure to check out our First Person Shooting Games list.


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