Top 5 Must Play First Person Shooting Games on Android


Most of the combat games present over the Android platform are Third-person Perspective based. But still, there are many mobile gamers who look for first-person games. In this article, we shall discuss the top 5 First Person Shooting (FPS) combat games. The list is based on the gameplay, audience involved in the game, and ratings.

1. Modern Combat 5

modern combat 5

If you are a fan of first person shooting games, then you must have heard about the Modern Combat series. The first game of the Franchise was launched in 2009. The game has improvised a lot since then. The game is developed by Gameloft. One of the most famous games of this franchise is the 5th edition i.e. Modern Combat Blackout. The story is based on a special force who is assigned the task of eliminating the terrorist. The game also has an online multiplayer feature. The graphics of the games are quite impeccable. The only con of the game is that often players are facing problems because of the control layout, but all in all Modern Combat 5 can turn out to be a big boon for the FPP gameplay lovers.

2. World War Heroes: WW2

world war heroes

The storyline of the game is based on the theme of World War. The player has to surpass all the levels in order to achieve glory. The online multiplayer game was released in August 2017. The visuals of the game look pretty good. Although the game developers could have worked a bit more over the game sound. But summing up every point the game is a treat for the android gamers.

3. Critical Ops

critical ops

This multi-player First Person Shooting game is somehow similar to the gameplay of Counter-Strike. The game, developed by Critical Force, has 5 different modes. The gameplay revolves around 5v5 deathmatches. The first team who wipes the other team for 10th time wins the game. The matchmaking is done on the basis of the rank of the players. The game’s visuals aren’t that detailed, but the gameplay surely gives the gamer an experience of playing CS over the android platform.

4. Shadowgun Legends


Shadowgun Legends is one of the most popular science fiction based games over the android platform. The game has covered up all the aspects. The game has both the modes i.e. either you can play a 4v4 battle or you can grind the game using the story campaign. The game was developed by Madfinger. There’s no loophole in the game. The in-game sounds, visuals, and even the storyline is precisely detailed. So, the off-tone science fiction genre game has everything which can mesmerize FPS gamers.

5. Area F2

area f2

The newly released game is similar to that of Counter-Strike. The game is developed by Qookka Games. The game has 20 agents categorized under attackers and defenders. The player can select one of the roles and team up as a 5 men squad. The first squad to win 3 rounds is classified as winners. The drone capture used to know the enemy’s location is one of the catchy features of the game. The FPS game looks good, but in order to attain a good amount of gamers engagement, the game developers have to work on the graphics and some portions of the game.

So, these were some of the first person shooting games which can be played over the Android platform. The games don’t require high-end devices. Therefore, anyone with a normal device can access the above-mentioned games.

Hrishav Bhattacharya
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  1. What about BATTLE PRIME?!?!?!?

    Also My Top 130 Games On Android!!! ????

    #1 PUBG Mobile!
    #2 Fortnite!
    #3 Rules Of Survival!
    #4 Creative Destruction!
    #5 Modern Combat Versus!
    #6 Modern Combat 5!
    #7 Subdivision Infinity!
    #8 Shadowgun Deadzone! (Discontinued)
    #9 Shadowgun Legends!
    #10 Unkilled!
    #11 Sniper Fury!
    #12 Dead Effect 2!
    #13 Implosion!
    #14 Nova 3 Vanguard Alliance! (Discontinued)
    #15 Nova 3 Near Orbit! (Discontinued)
    #16 Mayhem PvP! (Discontinued)
    #17 Lineage 2: Revolution
    #18 Battle Bay!
    #19 Xenowerk!
    #20 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
    #21 Shadowgun War Games!
    #22 Hitman Sniper (Agent 47)
    #23 Cyber Hunter
    #24 Fatal Raid
    #25 Super Mecha Champions
    #26 Infinity Ops
    #27 Arma Jet
    #28 Space Marshals ($5.88)
    #29 Space Marshals 2
    #30 Xenowerk Tactics
    #31 Hero Hunters
    #32 Nova Legacy
    #33 Respawnables – Online PvP
    #34 World War Heroes
    #35 Modern Ops
    #36 Frontline Guard
    #37 Forces Of Freedom
    #38 The Sun Evaluation: Post-Apocalypse
    #39 Legacy Of Dead Empire
    #40 Open Arena
    #41 Dark Pursuer
    #42 Dementia Book Of The Dead
    #43 The Descent HD
    #44 Number 752 ($2.89)
    #45 Eyes – The Horror Game
    #46 Taxi Sim 2020
    #47 Real Car Parking 2 (By Genetic Studios)
    #48 WarFace
    #49 Steel Rage
    #50 Metal Madness PvP
    #51 THEFT inc
    #52 Reporter 2 (By AGaming+)
    #53 Call Of Duty
    #54 Bullets Ricochet
    #55 Metal Squad
    #56 Need For Speed – No Limits
    #57 Beholder ($3.79)
    #58 Life Is Strange
    #59 The Silent Age
    #60 LifeAfter
    #61 Identity – V1 vs Asymmetrical Combats
    #62 EVE Echoes
    #63 Dead Trigger
    #64 Dead Trigger 2
    #65 Horrorfeild
    #66 Project War Mobile
    #67 Evolution: Battle For Utopia
    #68 AWP Mode: Elite Online 3D Sniper Action
    #69 Afterpulse – Elite Army
    #70 Iron Blade: Midevil Legends RPG
    #71 Blitz Brigade – Online FPS Fun
    #72 Gods Of Boom – Online PvP Action
    #73 BombSquad (By Eric Froemling)
    #74 Deadrite Hunt
    #75 Coverfire
    #76 Bullet Force – Online FPS
    #77 Left To Survive
    #78 Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter
    #79 Galaxy On Fire 2 HD
    #80 Galaxy On Fire 3
    #81 ire: Blood Memory
    #82 Animus Harbinger Unpacked ($6.49)
    #83 Animus: Stand Alone
    #84 ShadowBlood
    #85 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
    #86 Darkness Rises
    #87 Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving
    #88 GTA San Andreas
    #89 GTA Vice City
    #90 Grand Theft Auto 3
    #91 Lineage 2: Revolution
    #92 The Elder Scrolls: Blades
    #93 Gangster New Orleans: Open World
    #94 Gangster Vegas: World Of Crimes
    #95 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ($9.99)
    #96 Républic (By Camouflaj LLC)
    #97 Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes
    #98 AxE: Alliance vs Empire (By Nexon Company)
    #99 NobleMen: 1896 (By Forsaken Media)
    #100 特攻英雄 – FPS+MOBA 全民競技槍戰手遊
    #101 MadOut2: BigCityOnline (By Madout Games)
    #102 Battle Prime
    #103 Battle Forces
    #104 Dark Prison
    #105 Endless Nightmare
    #106 Lara Croft GO
    #107 Disorder
    #108 Area F2 – Global Launch
    #109 Dead By Daylight Mobile
    #110 Grid Autosport ($13.99)
    #111 Game Of Thrones “Beyond The Wall”™️
    #112 Death Tour (By PragMatix)
    #113 Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders
    #114 Action Strike: Online PvP FPS
    #115 Hitman GO
    #116 Monument Valley 2
    #117 ZOMBIE SURVIVAL: Offline Game (Beta)
    #118 M.U.D. Rally Racing (By CVi Games)
    #119 Delivery From The Pain: Survive
    #120 Scary Teacher 3D
    #121 Evolution 2: Battle For Utopia
    #122 Zynga Poker
    #123 8 Ball Pool
    #124 Darts Of Fury
    #125 Standoff 2
    #126 Mortal Kombat
    #127 Striker Zone: Shooting 3D Games
    #128 Code Of War: Online Shooter Game
    #129 World Of Tanks Blitz MMO
    #130 World Of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game.


    P.S I’m Constantly Searching For High Quality Games And Will Be Adding Them To My List In The Future!!

    ***(A Few Games May Have Been Written Twice! So I Apologize)***

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