Sony Reveals Pricing of New PS5 Games and Peripherals, Launching 19th November in India

    PlayStation 5 Price Pricing
    PlayStation Price Pricing

    Sony has revealed further plans for its upcoming PS5 console, with a staggered release date: 12th November for the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, and a week later for the rest of the world. Sony expects it to be available in India on the 19th November, and pre-orders will also be made available from select retailers soon (Sony reported “as soon as tomorrow”, but that might vary by region).

    PS5 Standard & Digital Edition Have Same Specs

    Sony’s two consoles are priced at $399 and $499 for the digital-only and the Blu-Ray Drive versions respectively, and unlike the Xbox Series S and X, the two will have no differences apart from the disk drive, while the Series S had a less powerful GPU for 1440p gaming over 4K. We are yet to see the final pricing for India, which will account for import duties and other taxes that may be levied. However, looking at the conversion rates and the pricing of the predecessors, a figure of around Rs. 40,000 for the Digital Edition can be expected, with a higher price for the Blu-ray one.

    PS5 Launch Titles and Pricing Changes: One Pre-Installed Game Free With Each PS5

    Spider-man Miles Morales gameplay screenshot
    Spider-man Miles Morales gameplay screenshot

    Sony also gave us a look at a host of upcoming titles available to buyers at the console’s launch, and the list included:

    There were also more game announcements, including games available at the console’s launch, such as:

    • Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War
    • Demon’s Souls (SIE)
    • Destruction All-Stars (SIE)
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (and Ultimate Edition) (SIE)
    • Sackboy A Big Adventure (SIE)

    *SIE: Sony Interactive Entertainment Studios-developed titles.

    Additionally, all PS5 units will be shipped with Astro’s Playroom, a free SIE title for the PS5.

    The pricing on all these titles has been adjusted from the industry-standard $60 to $69.99 for most titles mentioned. Some are priced lower, but this increase in this price ceiling means that all other publishers can also price games at that price. We may also expect to see this change affect pricing in India as well, although it is yet to be seen by how much. In any case, the already high prices of AAA games is going to increase, which might incentivize day one buyers to get the cheaper Digital console. While that may seem nice for now, the increased pricing for games makes the standard console more attractive.

    PS5 Accessories: Standalone DualSense Controller to Cost $69.99

    PlayStation 5 DualSense charging station

    November will also see the launch of new accessories from Sony for the new PS5, including a standalone DualSense Wireless Controller for the PS5, also priced at $69.99, with a charging station for two such controllers for $29.99. Other accessories include the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset with noise-canceling microphones for $99.99, a dual-1080p lens HD Camera for streaming for $59.99, and a media remote for streaming media for $29.99.

    The PS5 is a ninth-generation console alongside the Xbox Series S and X which are due for release November 10th, and is slated for launch the week following the release of those consoles. It boasts an AMD-powered CPU and GPU, similar to the Xbox competition, but with no differences in those between its two variants. It will have an 825GB SSD for both its versions, along with an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disk Drive for $100 extra. It has HDMI 2.1 support and can support 4K 120Hz output as well as 8K televisions.

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