Ryzen 3000 gets BIOS support and likely final Stepping


    Over the past few days AMD has been pushing out AGESA updates for its partner motherboard BIOSs and according to a report from TomsHardware, these BIOS updates reveal that AMD has moved on to the second stepping (B0) for the Ryzen 3000 series which means the design has been revised and the release is right around the corner.

    A datamine by @KOMACHI_ENSAKA tells us that these BIOS updates will contain support for the Ryzen 3000 series as per the ASUS description which says “update AM4 ComboPI for next-gen processors and to improve CPU compatibility”. Through additional digging he also revealed that Matisse is on a B0 stepping which means that the chips have been updated.

    In terms of manufacturer refinement, a B0 would mean an almost finalized product. According to Komachi the chip used during the CES showcase was an A0 and further refinements of that would’ve been A1 or A2. So AMD is more or less done with their fine tuning and is ready to ship the CPU to the masses.

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