Revolutionary Pi Charger Works On Devices By Contactless Charging!


    Contactless charging. The first thought that comes to your mind questions if this is another fancy term for wireless charging. We have seen enough of that haven’t we? Nothing revolutionary at this point. However, we are talking about an entirely different game here. What if we told you that you could charge your device from a distance away without any wires or charging pads?

    The Silicon Valley start-up Pi says they have found a way to charge phones and tablets by simply placing the devices near its cone-like charger. This product claims to bid goodbye to serpentine wires and charging pads with its innovative plunge into the world of contactless charging and we must say, it is pretty sweet!

    Pi chargers are about the size of a small table vase and operate on standard charging technology used in Apple or Android smartphones designed to be powered up wirelessly. The compact nature of the device also boosts the convenience and usage factor.

    The Pi charger emanates magnetic fields, which the company says can efficiently charge a phone or tablet up to a foot away from the device. The Pi charger also works at any angle, implying that your phone can be above, below, or to any side of the device, and not directly touching it like other wireless charging mats. The charger will mete out up to 10W per device.

    “Magnetic fields are the best way to send meaningful energy to phones, tablets, and other portable electronics,” said Pi co-founder Lixin Shi in a press release. “The hard part was figuring out how to make magnetic charging more flexible, multi-device, and extend its useful range. It took us over a year to complete the mathematical proof that makes it all possible.”

    The primary concern about the functionality of the device is the safety standards associated with energy being emanated into the air and its possible exposure to residents. The company responded to this concern and clarified that the product meets FCC regulatory standards and operates at power levels low enough to be safe.

    “While long range microwave, ultrasound, or laser based technologies have been proposed for wireless charging, none of these technologies have proven safe at power levels needed to charge modern smartphones. Pi’s breakthrough is in finally bringing to market a truly wireless charging technology that is safe and follows existing regulatory standards, while also being affordable, compact and powerful.”

    With another revolutionary product entering the market, let us await a future of innovation and ease! Click here for more details.

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