Intel’s Quarterly Earnings Report Show Xe DG1 Gaming Graphics Already in Volume Production

    Intel Unveiled Its Upcoming Xe Discrete DG1 GPU During CES 2020

    Intel has announced by way of their quarterly earnings report that they have shipped their first discrete DG1 GPU in volume supply. Additionally, they also claim to have “powered-on” their other DG2 GPU in lab testing.

    This is an interesting development that comes after older rumours about the DG1 GPU, which stated that its discrete model was cancelled and would never be released. This also spells good news for all consumers, who may not be able to use the DG1 or even the DG2 in any of their applications, as we don’t know the exact application of these GPU as yet, but the Xe brand will be utilised for consumer-grade products as well. There is an anticipation to see GDDR6 memory in such products, as HBM2 still remains most useful in GPGPU and related applications.

    Intel Xe DG1: The Opponent to GeForce and Radeon?

    Intel Xe DG1 GPU Shipped
    Intel Xe DG1 GPU Shipped

    We have seen the Xe branding used in the 11th-generation Tiger Lake laptop CPU’s, announced in September, and Intel’s push for this branding clearly shows their interests in disrupting the GPU market, where the only two players in the past two whole decades have been NVIDIA and AMD (formerly as ATI). It still will be a triopoly, but whatever competition possible is a good thing.

    Other Bits From Intel’s Report


    Intel also confirmed the sale of their entire NAND memory business to SK Hynix, a large memory manufacturer in their own right, for $9 billion. This move is Intel’s withdrawal from the memory industry, so we will no longer see Intel SSDs in the coming years. Intel was one of the pioneering brands for non-volatile storage for consumer applications when it was a nascent field.

    Overall, the presentation brought some stability to Intel’s direction, but was not completely confidence-inspiring yet. INTC stock prices again took a hit, but nowhere near the fall it took three months ago at their previous earnings call.

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