Intel: Our 9th Gen CPUs are Faster than AMD Ryzen 3000 Chips (Yeah, Maybe by 1-2%)

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It is apparent that the growing mindshare and market share of AMD’s Ryzen processors has become a serious cause of concern for Intel execs as time and again we find them highlighting their own “Core” CPUs as better alternatives, something which was not quite common before.

Intel: Our 9th Gen CPUs are Faster than AMD Ryzen 3000 Chips (Yeah, Maybe by 1-2%)
Passmark CPU market share July 2019

A leaked Intel document, back in June 2019, revealed that internally the company had started acknowledging AMD as a very real threat to Intel’s market dominance and this could explain the current insecure behavior that Intel is exhibiting.

Earlier that month at E3, the Blue team challenged the Reds in “real world gaming” performance outside of synthetic benchmarks.
And once again at Gamescom 2019, Intel reiterated that they still produce the fastest gaming CPUs although they did concede that AMD has been closing the gap fast and quite significantly.

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From the numbers above, we can see that Intel’s claim is technically correct, although you may never perceive the difference unless there is some frame-pacing/stuttering issue in one or the other.

Intel further added that they wish to continue this advantage with their upcoming refreshingly refreshed 14nm+++ based Comet Lake desktop CPUs. According to leaked slides, these can hit 5.2GHz and carry 2 more cores over the Core i9-9900k.

It is an exciting time for a PC enthusiast as in a long time, both AMD and Intel are trying to best compete with each other and healthy competition is always good for the industry and consumers alike.

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Here’s hoping that AMD’s upcoming higher-end Navi 20 GPUs can have a similar impact on the GPU market.


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