Nvidia Stock Price Shoots up After Minecraft RTX Announcement


    Looks like AMD’s not the only one doing good on Wall Street these days. Nvidia stock prices increased for the second consecutive day. What was the reason this time? A surprise announcement that Microsoft and Nvidia will partner to bring RTX ray tracing to Minecraft.

    The initial launch of the Turing cards several months ago did little to improve Nvidia’s position: the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 were simply too expensive. Meanwhile, the vanilla 2070 didn’t really improve performance over the older 1080. Moreover, teething issues with DLSS and ray-tracing meant that few people saw these features as an indispensable part of gaming’s future. With the release of the Super series, RTX 2080 performance was brought back to the kinda-sorta reasonable $500 price-point with the RTX 2070 Super. The 2060 Super and 2060 now sell for even less, opening up ray-tracing to the mainstream.

    This is important in light of the new Minecraft partnership. Venturebeat estimates that Minecraft has over 90 million players in the community. This makes it a uniquely popular title and a large number of those people are gaming on PC. If RTX compels even a small number of Minecraft players to buy into the new Turing cards, it’d be a big win for Nvidia.

    Are you looking forward to Minecraft RTX? We…er…kind of are. We’ll let you know how it is and how well (or terribly) it runs.


    1. I love and hate it both at the same time. I love that raytracing is catching on a bit and minecraft’s style of gameplay is perfect to implement RT but they just coldly cancelled Super Duper. They cited “technical difficulties” for cancelling Super Duper, then they went ahead and embraced a much more technically difficult feature i.e Raytracing?? That doesn’t make sense.. Such a lame excuse! Clearly, Nvidia is paying them butt loads of money to stop minecraft players from having access to Super Duper (which should run fine on all current setups and they will have the ability to fine tune the performance) and as a result, low-key forcing them to buy RTX gpus…. this is too bad.. too baad.. And obviously, they got what they wanted.. Say hello to a future of overpriced gpus!! 🙁

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