Intel Gen11 Architecture Presentation Slides and Video from GDC Released

    Intel Gen11

    At the recent Game Developers Conference, Intel revealed the in-depth details of its Gen11 graphics architecture along with a whitepaper containing the finer info about the architecture. Now, a full video and the slides from Intel’s presentation at GDC have been posted by GDC Vault, revealing even more details about the working and differences of this architecture.

    Intel Gen11

    Intel Gen11 graphics architecture will be used on almost every mainstream processor from the company. It is expected to provide a significant performance boost compared to the current Gen9.5 engine. It’s going to be achieved by packing in one teraflop of 32-bit and two teraflops of 16-bit floating point performance into a low power envelope.

    Intel Gen11

    We have included some of the slides, but you can check out the complete presentation with all 30 slides here.

    Intel Gen11

    The GDC Vault also posted the full 43-minute video of the presentation which can be watched for free from here. The presentation showcases the technical details of the new architecture and highlights how it differs from the current generation. It’s really a great resource for people interested in the finer and in-depth details of this architecture.


    Intel’s Gen11 graphics engine is going to be one generation behind the much talked about Xe graphics architecture Intel is planning to launch soon after this. The Xe architecture will include both integrated and discrete GPUs.

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