Google Pixel 4 design may have just been leaked

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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL are great phones, and they are barely five months old. We already know that Google is planning to launch a mid-range Pixel device (presumably called the Google Pixel Lite). But it seems that a leak has provided a bit of info about the yet unannounced Pixel phone.


The current Google Pixel smartphones are great but received considerable criticism for its design. The design isn’t bad per se, it just looks outdated. Google seems to be taking it seriously this time. As per leaks by idroidbg, the Google Pixel 4 may end up adopting the new punch-hole camera like the Galaxy S10. It might also adopt the dual rear camera setup.

The bezels look reduced compared to the current lineup, but the chin still looks larger. So, we can expect the front firing speakers to be present. There is no notch, however, so that’s good a good thing. The Pixel 4Xl may have two front-facing cameras but in the form of punchout camera setup.

Pixel 4 leaks
Pixel 4 leaks
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The Pixel 4 is not expected to launch for another seven months, but the leaks are out and have started painting a picture of what to expect.

Are you excited for the upcoming Pixel 4? Let us know what you think.

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