Google Assistant Gets Better Functionalities with Accurate Interactions

    google assistant

    Google Assistant is a very powerful voice assistant tool because of the wide variety of functionalities it offers. But now Google Assistant got even better, especially when one uses it with other apps and services. Voice Global 2020 is a particular conference for voice tech and Google has announced many such improvements which will make it easier for developers to build new features for better experiences with the Voice Assistant Tool.

    Actions Builder is a web-based integrated development environment (IDE), and it is known to provide a graphical interface to show support debugging, conversation flows and training data orchestration. 

    The new enhancement focusses on Google Assistant Smart Displays being able to access AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is basically an instant article format and it is primarily for loading webpages faster on mobile. As mentioned, Google Voice Assistant has a host of improvements such as interactions with the Voice Assistant gets better, gets faster, easier and more efficient. 

    The Google Voice Assistant will now be giving much better and accurate responses to the queries of the users. This new functionality of AMP will bring “depth of great web content” to its Smart Displays and the major area of attention that is paid will be on the news and the accurate response to such queries.

    Google’s Smart Displays have focussed in showing video clips in the past but now it focusses on showing the whole AMP articles.  

    Another new feature is called Home Storage, which provides a function of storing details about individual user interactions and all this with the help of communal smart displays.

    google assistant

    It provides for a communal storage solution for all the devices which are connected on the home graph. Updated Media APIs allow media sessions and let users resume playback across Google Assistant devices. A user could start playback from a specific moment or resume a session, for example.

    Continuous Match Mode will be another new feature that allows Google Voice Assistant to respond and understand commands better. It helps in responding immediately for fluid and seamless communication.

    Now Google Voice Assistant will recognise words better by continuously listening to those specific words. The AMP update will be available from next summer onwards. Google has been reported to say that the Voice Assistant is used by over 500 million people every month in over 30 languages across 90 countries.

    Google is also investing and trying to improve the Voice Assistant so that it’s easier, more efficient to use, this improvement and effort to change the functionalities better has to be worked on by developers and third-parties as well.

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