Gearbox Claims that Borderlands 3 had 2x the Peak Concurrent PC players of Borderlands 2


    Here’s some good news for beleaguered Borderlands 3 fans: According to Gearbox, the game’s launch day concurrent player count was two times the peak concurrent player count on Borderlands 2.

    With the game suffering from a raft of technical problems at launch, this is no doubt good news. If it’s looking to be anywhere near the kind of cash cow Borderland 2 turned out to be, Gearbox will get their act together and fix the numerous performance and other issues players are experiencing right now.

    Our Borderlands 3 review will be out in a few days. While the game itself is excellent, performance is far lower than the previous title, without an accordant increase in visual fidelity. Some features appear to be broken or horribly optimized. On a GeForce RTX 2070 Super, turning Volumetric Fog up to the maximum killed my framerate. I wasn’t able to hit 1440p/60 reliably.

    This puts Borderlands 2 in the company of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, while not looking anywhere near as nice. Dropping that one setting, though, got things back to a more or less steady 60 FPS. But while high-end PC performance is tolerable, console performance is atrocious, with the base PS4 dropping as low as 10 FPS in places.

    Here’s to hoping the high concurrent player count will ensure that Gearbox takes the game seriously and fixes outstanding issues.

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