Should You Play Days Gone PC Version If You Have a PS5?

    Days Gone PC Version Port From PS4

    Days Gone is out now on PC with support for higher frame rates and resolutions, but with the game also enhanced on PS5, which version should you pick up?

    Days Gone PC Version Features

    Days Gone PC Version Analysis by Digital Foundry

    Days Gone on PC features a host of new settings and modes that were previously not available on its initial PS4 release. While the obvious additions include an unlocked frame rate and high resolution support, there are some nifty new ones as well including:

    • Increased LOD, Foliage and Draw distances
    • Super Resolution Photo mode
    • Xbox Controller support
    • Dynamic Resolution Scaling (Render Scale)

    We haven’t had a chance to play the game on PC yet, but going by early performance benchmarks and reviews, it looks like we’ve got a good port here. Since the game has the same system requirements as Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC port and was developed on the much more cross-platform friendly Unreal Engine 4, I don’t expect PC gamers to need extremely high-end hardware to run it properly.

    The game can run at 30 FPS near ‘High’ settings at 4K on a GeForce RTX 2060, which is pretty good news. On PC with a mid-range GPU you can get essentially better than PS4 Pro experience, which only makes the final PS4 version look more impressive. While the game can be run at full 4K 60 FPS with an RTX 30 series GPU, the current GPU stock situation makes it more likely that most gamers getting the game have something older.

    Days Gone PS5 Enhancements

    Days Gone PS5 Analysis by Digital Foundry

    Days Gone had its fair share of problems when it came out in 2019 on the PS4. The framerate didn’t lock to its target of 30 FPS during intense sequences on the base console, with the PS4 Pro offering a better, more consistent experience. The game has seen numerous updates since launch, with many adding new quality of life features, and some reducing the game’s file size by nearly half. It also received a PS5 patch recently, unlocking its frame rate with all the previous fixes intact.

    Days Gone on PS5 runs at a near-consistent 60 FPS targeting a checkerboarded 4K resolution. While it’s not native 4K, which you can get with the right PC hardware, it’s nothing to scoff at as checkerboarding has produced some impressive results over the years since the PS4 Pro launched.

    Days Gone PC version

    So, to answer the question – should you play Days Gone on PC if you have a PS5? Honestly, the PS5 version will provide a hassle-free experience with reduced investment (it’s a $500 console, albeit one hard to find). To get the same experience on PC, you’ll need to have a GPU around the same level as as RTX 2070/2070 Super, going by early reviews.

    To make the choice even simpler, PS Plus owners can get the game for free via the PS Plus collection on PS5, whereas PC gamers will have to shell out $60 to play it.

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