Movavi Screen Recorder 2021 Review: As Good as It Gets


    Whether you want to record events, streamed video, VoIP calls, gameplay or anything important, you need a reliable screen recorder to work and study from home. From recording that important meeting to your gameplay achievement, good screen recording helps you save memories, and make learning easier. 

    Our search for one of the best, easy-to-use, reliable screen recorders has led us to review the Movavi Screen Recorder today!

    Movavi Screen Recorder – Easy, Simple and Intuitive 

    Talking about video making and editing software, Movavi has always been a trusted brand. Their screencasting program, Movavi Screen Recorder, can capture anything on your PC, phone and tablet. It doesn’t stop there! This lightweight video-making and editing software even give you advanced editing options. A great fit for a video editing tool for your computer!

    Youtube videos, software tutorials, presentation design, screen captures, editing and storage: you have it all in one! The recording program is designed both for advanced and casual users and there’s a lot we need to know about this top-rated screen recorder.

    Here is an unbiased Movavi Screen Recorder Review 2021 that will help you get all the information you need if you’re planning on giving it a go.


    • Intuitive Interface
    • Videos in full HD 1080p up.
    • Record on smartphones, tablets.
    • Supports 13+languages.
    • SuperSpeed mode
    • Quick screenshot editing.
    • Advanced editing tools.
    • Direct YouTube publishing
    • Countless saving and exporting options
    • Easy to use.


    • Not the cheapest.
    • Trial limit is 120 seconds only.
    • Not many options for the webcam.

    Improved Key Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

    The new version of Movavi Screen Recorder is loaded with multiple salient features. Compared to the previous versions, 14 and 15, the latest one is way advanced with added tools.

    According to the developers, the latest version of Movavi Screen Recorder is updated, bearing in mind the needs and the requests of the users. Let’s find out more about the improved key features of Movavi Screen Recorder.

    • Screen Recording

    With Movavi Screen Recorder, screen recording is like a piece of cake, even for newbie users. It’s a one-click, do-it. Whether you want to record the entire screen, or a specific program, or even just a part of your desktop, you have the liberty to do it tall.

    While recording, you can easily manage the onscreen interface and pause, stop, and start using hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts. It doesn’t capture any unwanted cursor movement, so don’t worry about getting screenshots of things you don’t need others to see.

    When it comes to screen recording, there are a lot of factors that come into play. We’ve taken the time to test and review each aspect separately to give you a better understanding. You can check out Movavi to know more about screen recorder for Mac.

    • Interface

    We are sure you’ll fall in love with the updated screen recorder interface. New colors, new fonts, new panels – everything you need from an advanced screen recorder.

    • Frame Rate

    With Movavi Screen Recorder, you can record videos with a frame rate of 5 to 60 frames/second. The higher the frame rate, the better the video quality.

    • Webcam

    Choose any position, resolution, size and frame rate, and you can easily use the webcam video as a part of the recording. So whether it’s a Skype call or a video conference meeting, you can capture all the moments.

    • Audio Quality

    Movavi Screen Recorder is built with two recording modes: stereo and mono. Adjusting the frequency is easy too. It also gives you the liberty to secure individual sound streams in case you want to record both the internal sound and system audio.

    • Scheduler

    This is one of the best screen recording features that we can’t get enough of. Set your timer, and your screen recorder will automatically record your screen when you’re away from your desktop. That’s not it! You can set the recording duration, and your PC will automatically go to shut down or go to sleep once the capturing is complete.

    • Editing the videos

    We have reviewed plenty of screen recorders before, but for this one, we must say, the editing tools are preeminent. As a matter of fact, Movavi Screen Recorder can give any video editing program a run for their money.  

    Zoom in, fine-tune, enhance the video and audio quality, and you can do so much more with the capture. You can also add any media to your project and can edit the content just the way you captured it from your screen.

    Movavi Screen Recorder software comes in with a variety of audio and video enhancement tools. Filters, effects, titles, captions, transitions, video stabilization, and slow motion: everything a video good editing tool must-have.

    • Screenshotting

    While recording a video, often we need to take screenshots. They have designed the software with a special screenshotting mode. Using this software, you can add text, lines, shapes – almost anything you want to, before saving them.

    • Saving and Exporting

    The outline of the latest version is entirely different from the earlier versions. The Movavi Screen Recorder studio saving export options stand heads and shoulders above their competition. You can save and export your videos in a total of 11 formats.

    Other technical controls like frames per second (FPS), resolution, sample rate can also be adjusted and modified. If you’re a newbie and don’t want to get into technicalities, you’re good with the basic version.

    Movavi Screen Recorder also optimizes the videos, depending on the device they are to be watched on. The quality of the videos and the captures are unblemished.

    Our thoughts?

    Movavi Screen Recorder is indeed one of the most useful, handy tools that give you screen recording and advanced editing, all at the same spot. The best part is, it provides great control over video projects.

    We are surely very happy and impressed by the advanced video editing tools of the software but it’s not designed for advanced video editing. 

    Should you buy Movavi Screen Recorder Studio? In our review, the answer is simple. To get all the functions in one place, Movavi Screen Recorder is worth every penny!

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