CDPR and Netflix To Host WitcherCon In July, But Don’t Expect a Witcher 4 Announcement

    CD Projekt Red + Netflix Present Witchercon 2021

    The Witcher 3 developer CDPR and Netflix are partnering for a new WitcherCon in July, dedicated to celebrating everything in The Witcher universe including the show, games, and books.

    The event will take place on July 9, and Netflix has already started teasing plans for an official trailer to The Witcher’s season 2, which has finally wrapped production after a brief hiatus. While the convention will aim to celebrate everything in The Witcher universe, CD Projekt Red has already set expectations by announcing that they will not be announcing any new Witcher game, much to many gamers’ dismay. While we know that the company has plans to develop another AAA Witcher game, those plans are still in an early stage with CDPR expanding its development team from 2022.

    “WitcherCon is a global virtual celebration of The Witcher! This digital convention will be streamed on both Netflix and CD PROJEKT RED’s YouTube and Twitch channels and will be available for co-streaming.”

    The event will include the following reveals/programs during its run, with more surprises planned-

    • Exclusive behind the scenes footage of The Witcher season 2
    • Interactive panels from the creatives behind the Witcher franchise
    • Explorations of the Witcher lore with new featurettes.
    • A new look at the upcoming mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer

    WitcherCon will stream on July 9 across Netflix and the official ‘The Witcher’ channels on YouTube and Twitch. You can visit the official WitcherCon website for more information. While The Witcher 4 may not be announced any time soon, at least you can play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in its next-gen glory, whenever that arrives.

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