Nintendo Switch Pro – Everything You Can Expect About The Mysterious New Console At E3 2021

    Nintendo Switch with joycons

    Since its release in 2017, Nintendo hasn’t released an upgraded version of the Switch. Could that change with the Nintendo Switch Pro? With all eyes on the company set to announce Switch Pro (or Super Switch), here’s everything you need to know about the rumoured console which might be debuted at E3 2021.

    Why a Nintendo Switch Pro Might Be Coming This E3

    First of all, we don’t really know that the next upgrade to the switch is really called that. This is just how the rest of the internet refers to it, and we shall do the same. We know that it’s coming, because-

    That’s all we have got regarding “proof” that it’s coming soon.

    What We Can Speculate Regarding a New Switch

    Nintendo Switch Pro

    We know that the rumored Switch Pro exists, with the following acting as evidence for the case:

    • Nintendo has never previously gone very long without giving their flagship hardware some sort of an upgrade.
    • The Nintendo Switch is one of the highest-selling consoles of all time, and it can be reasonably assumed that an upgrade or a straight-up sequel will also sell well.
    • Every other Nintendo Console has received differently powered versions of them, including but not limited to The Gameboy Color, Nintendo 2DS, and NDS lite.
    • Nintendo Chairman Doug Bowser was reported as quoting that Nintendo is always trying to “enhance and improve the gameplay experience.”

    Thus, the Nintendo Switch Pro would be an extension of all of Nintendo’s past patterns and methods.

    What to Expect From The Nintendo Switch Pro

    According to a leak on Reddit by a “verified insider”, it may not even be called the Nintendo Switch Pro at all. This particular insider threw his hat in the “Nintendo Super Switch” basket.

    It is also expected to support 4K output while docked, with the addition of more processing power and larger screen size. Nintendo is expected to continue using NVIDIA’s Tegra graphics chips since different versions of the same console hardly ever differ by this much in Nintendo consoles. Previous rumours have pointed to the new Switch using NVIDIA’s DLSS for upscaling games to 4K in docked mode, which makes sense.

    In the same vein, major hardware design updates should also not be expected, as Nintendo always likes to maintain some resemblance between versions of the same console.

    A higher RAM capacity and increased storage spaces can also be expected from the new console, as they are of every other upgrade to a console.

    Nintendo Switch Pro Expected Price

    Bloomberg has also reported that the new Switch is going to cost more than the 299$ that the Switch costs, with a 100$ price increase not that far from a reasonable price point. Thus, a Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to cost about 399$.

    Against The Case – Why A Super Switch Might NOT Be Coming This Year

    While we’ve established that the new Switch is on its way, we don’t know for sure if it’s going to be coming this year.

    Since we have gotten closer and closer to E3, and the Nintendo Direct, announcements around a new console have become scant. In what some would call a rumour killer, Nintendo has announced a Games Only Presentation this E3.

    While Nintendo may do a separate presentation for its new hardware, it does seem unlikely. The Nintendo Switch Pro hopefuls also have two more issues to contend with, before they get their hands on the new console-

    • The global component shortage is almost certainly also going to affect the Nintendo Switch Pro, as it has done the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.
    • The Nintendo Switch is expected to do well in the holiday season anyways, with or without the new console in the market. This might cause Nintendo to rethink releasing it this year.
    E3 2021 Logo

    This E3 is expected to bring a lot of news and goodies, with or without the Nintendo Switch Pro. However, the fans are pumped about the new Nintendo Switch pro, as Nintendo has a great track record as it pertains to new consoles, and whenever Nintendo chooses to release it, it is sure to be a good one.

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    1. Nintendo E3 presentation tweet states “exclusively for software announcements”. Stop with the clickbait as you’re setting yourself up fir disappointment. Bloomberg as said the switch pro is coming since 2017 so stop with the rumours

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