Best Budget Phones Under 15,000 INR (August 2019)

If you loved our list for the best budget phones under 10K INR last month, boy are you in for a treat now. We’re back with a list of the best smartphones you can buy under 15,000! Beware however, some of these phones may just be slightly upgraded versions of phones found in the sub 10k price bracket with more RAM or a nominal spec bump. Rest assured however that all phones on this list are undoubtedly the best you can buy in this price range.

Realme 5 Pro

This phone launched just a while ago and if early reviews are anything to go by this is undoubtedly an amazing value proposition at 15K. Early camera samples look quite good with great detail and dynamic range for the price. The slightly upgraded Snapdragon 712 is also a nice addition to have that contributes toward a great user experience overall. If you have to have the most number of cameras on you in the room (a weird flex to be honest) this the right phone for you with its diverse setup that includes a wide angle lens! That’s first in this segment!

Redmi Note 7 Pro

The Redmi Note 7 Pro ticks a lot of the right boxes. Good display, great camera performance, and a punchy IPS panel, there’s not a lot this phone gets wrong. The Snapdragon 675 is more than capable enough to compete with the other SD 710 phones on this list. Amongst the phones on this list, the Redmi offers the most polished user interface with MIUI on board. Yes, ads are a problem but if you aren’t willing to spend 10 minutes of your time to disable intrusive ads, you’re missing out on quite a wholesome phone.

Realme 3 Pro

I just had to include this phone on the list even with the similar Realme 5 Pro already being mentioned. The Realme 3 Pro doesn’t miss out on much over the 5 Pro aside from the 48MP sensor and the dedicated wide-angle shooter. Don’t get us wrong here, the Realme 3 Pro is still a solid camera performer and bests even the Redmi Note 7 Pro in certain scenarios. Moreover, the launch of the 5 Pro will most definitely make the 3 Pro a bit cheaper thereby making it a complete steal if it undercuts the Redmi’s pricing.

Poco F1

Before you go into a frenzy claiming that this doesn’t fall under the budget category we mentioned, riddle us this. With prices falling to as low as 16K during certain sales and exchange bonuses that allow you to trade in any working phone bringing the price to 15K, the Poco is undoubtedly the best phone on this list. With last years flagship chip (the Snapdragon 845) on board, the Poco is a complete beast of a phone for gaming. Add to that the Pixel Camera port for the Poco and a large developer community, the F1 is most definitely one of the best budget phones there is. Nay, let’s not call it a budget phone. In all essence it’s a capable flagship through and through.

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