ASUS lets you Trade Your Old NVIDIA Graphics Card, Rebates of up to £270


    It’s a pretty common practice by e-commerce websites or mobile retailers to have buy-back schemes or exchange policies. One hardly comes across such type of a deal from a PC manufacturer. On the flip side, ASUS UK has introduced a new Trade Up Your Graphics program to PC gamers. With this program, customers can upgrade to the latest and greatest Nvidia cards without breaking the bank.

    This program will give consumers cash rebates of up to £270 (approx. Rs. 23000) towards their next ASUS GeForce graphics card, including the most recent RTX series. For Nvidia cards, the program accepts all GeForce cards from the GTX 650 upwards. The amount of cash you get depends on what tier of GPU you’re trading in, and what tier of GPU you want to buy.

    Enthusiasts looking to upgrade their GPU each generation will be used to putting their cards on the second-hand market to help fund the upgrade. Asus has categorized the graphics cards as Good, Better and Best. Any Nvidia card north of GTX 650 is eligible for a trade-in. As far as AMD cards go, only Radeon RX 480 and RX 580 are currently part of the deal.

    ASUS has certainly intrigued many with the launch of this program. It’s interesting timing as well, as Nvidia just unveiled its new RTX Super line of GPUs. This could be one of the reasons Asus is so keen to get people to upgrade their graphics cards.

    Keeping that in mind, getting money off your next GPU upgrade seems like a sweet deal, so if you were thinking of swapping out your graphics card for a more powerful GPU to get that extra crispy image and faster frame rates, then check out the Trade Up Your Graphics website to see if you can make a decent saving.

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