Cool your AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card with Alphacool’s new Eiswolf GPX-Pro AIO


    AMD released its flagship Radeon graphics card, the Radeon VII, back in February to mixed reviews as fans were expecting a little more pizazz than what they got.

    AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card

    With that said, the card is no slouch when it comes to gaming performance. But, with great performance, comes great heat generation. While you can install a water block on the card and run it through a custom loop, Alphacool makes things a little easier with its new Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 all in one cooler. It uses Alphacool’s DC-LT pump, a 240mm radiator, and modular components. With a full copper construction and hybrid cooling design, the Vega 20 GPU die and HBM come in direct contact with the copper cold plate. The large copper fins are responsible for passively cooling the VRM and other parts of the card.

    The modular design of the Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 allows it to be connected with other products from the Eiswolf series, Eisbaer as well as custom loops. The cooler has been priced at € 189.95 or around 212 USD which roughly translates to 14,700 INR.


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    AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card

    Take a look at some of the specs for Alphacool’s Eiswolf GPX-Pro Radeon VII M01 AIO:

    Cooling fins – Copper
    Prechambers – Copper
    Kühlkanäle – Copper
    Threads – 3 X G1/4″
    FPI – 15
    Dimensions – 276 (L) x 124 (W) x 30 (H) mm

    GPU Cooler:
    Cooler material – Aluminium
    Bottom material – Nickle plated copper
    Cooler and pump housing – Acetal
    Voltage – 12 VDC
    Threads – 2 X G1/4″
    3-Pin Molex
    Dimensions – 266 (L) x 134 (W) x 38 (H) mm

    A more detailed list of specifications can be found on the product page on Alphacool’s website.

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