AMD CEO and CTO Getting Huge Salary Bonuses This Season

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AMD has been killing it so far this quarter by holding a pin to almost all of Intel’s attempts to take off. Looks like AMD is finally in the position to give quite considerable bonuses and stock options to their top level management!

AMD CEO Lisa Su.

According to a Form 8K filed with the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the board of directors of AMD has approved target bonuses for Su (CEO) and Papermaster (CTO). Su will be receiving the “CEO Annual LTI Award” and the “CEO Value Creation Equity Award” with a target value of around 11,651,000 USD for the former and 25 Million USD for the latter. Similarly, CTO Papermaster will receive the “CTO Value Creation Equity Award” with a 7 million USD benefit.


Additionally, Su’s annual salary sees a hike of 55,000 USD and her target bonus grows by a 20 percent gain. All of these awards will be distributed in performancebased restricted stock units. At a time when rumors were rife that Su would be leaving AMD for a more lucrative career at IBM, this salary hike seems to hint otherwise.

AMD CTO Papermaster.
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Under Su’s responsible helm, AMD has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year! Business and research have gone hand in hand to secure quite a stable market position for AMD right now. With the launch of the 3rd generation of Ryzen chips based on the 7nm Zen 2 architecture, they’ve essentially trumped Intel’s competing line of silicon spec for spec. Moreover, with AMD entering the ARM mobile landscape through new agreements inked with Samsung, AMD is poised to take on the mobile graphics market space as well.

AMD has been growing by leaps and bounds under CEO Lisa Su.

AMD has been hungry for innovation under the leadership of Su, which has translated into cutting edge hardware for the consumers to play around with. Hopefully, AMD doesn’t stop here and keeps innovating further. This is something the PC hardware market needs desperately at this time, a little sparkle and flair.

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