Adobe Audition Gets Native Support For Apple Silicon

    Adobe Audition

    Adobe has been at the forefront when it comes to optimizing its range of applications for the Apple Silicon-based Mac ecosystem. Adobe’s audio tool, Adobe Audition, is now optimized for the M1-powered Mac.

    Adobe on Tuesday released updates to two of its audio-video production tool: the Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. The update stabilizes the applications which are now capable of running natively on the M1 chip powered Macs. Speed upgrades and reliability improvements have made both the programs easier to use on the new platform.

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    Adobe Audition Gets New Strip Silence Feature

    Adobe Audition, however, still misses out on EUCON control surfaces or CEP extension panels, along with the absence of some video codecs and an option to burn CDs.

    Strip Silence feature on Adobe Audition. Courtesy: Apple Insider
    Strip Silence feature on Adobe Audition. Courtesy: Apple Insider

    As Adobe explains, the update has also brought a new Strip Silence feature to the Audition app that lends the ability to clean up silent patches in recordings without synchronization losses. This new feature, just like in Apple’s Logic Pro app, has varied applications. The Strip Silence is especially helpful while handling voice recordings, interviews, and producing high-quality audio podcasts and documentary tracks. 

    Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition have received a loudness meter that uses standardized presets for regional loudness limits as well as for music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

    Some Useful Additions to Adobe Premiere Pro

    Adobe Premiere Pro update brings in new colour coded caption labels that tag into the associated audio/video file increasing overall efficiency. The update also brings a new Text Gradients feature to the Adobe Premiere Pro which allows users quick application of gradients directly through the Essential Graphics panel.

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