2021 MacBook Air to Come in iMac Inspired Colours

    2021 MacBook Air. Courtesy: CultOfMac
    2021 MacBook Air. Courtesy: CultOfMac

    Apple’s new colourful iMac was recently launched in the Spring Loaded Event and will soon go on sale. Designers and tech enthusiasts now believe that Apple’s 2021 refresh will bring colours to the MacBook Air, the entry-level laptop in the Apple line up.

    MacBook Air to Get Fresh Paint

    While MacBooks have always held onto an understated look with subdued metallic hues that oozed of elegance and function going well with the minimal aesthetic. Apple however intends to spice things up in the MacBook lineup with a fresh coat of paint just like the 2021 M1 powered iMac.

    Ian Zelbo in collaboration with Jon Prosser

    Ian Zelbo has now collaborated with Jon Prosser, the famous/infamous leaker, to give us a look at the MacBook Air 2021. The render is extensive and Jon Prosser insists that these are based on detailed leaks from some reliable sources.

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    A video uploaded on Monday on Front Page Tech, the YouTube channel run by Jon Prosser, saw him elaborate on various aspects of the new 2021 MacBook Air’s look. He mentioned that the shades on the MacBook Air are going to be fairly similar to the ones on iMac and that the sources had seen the Blue and Green 2021 MacBook Air in person.

    Jon Prosser’s Guess List So Far

    Thin, Flat & Colourful

    The render shows of incredibly flat design of the new 2021 MacBook Air, inline with current generation of Apple products. The 2021 MacBook Air can also be thinner. Most importantly, the colours. The 2021 MacBook Air will come in possibly 7 shades of colour just like the 2021 M1 powered iMac.

    White Bezels

    The 2021 iMac powered by Apple’s latest and greatest silicon, the M1 chip, has undergone a huge redesign. While the engineering aspect stunned many, the aesthetics had a divided approach. The chin that was retained from the earlier generations caught a lot of slack. The white bezels however were even more polarising.

    The MacBook Air 2021 might get a smaller trackpad. Courtesy: IndiaToday
    The MacBook Air 2021 might get a smaller trackpad. Courtesy: IndiaToday

    The renders shown off by Jon Prosser continue this trend and looks like if he is true we are getting the 2021 MacBook Air with white bezels.

    Port Situation, Rather The Lack of It

    Jon Prosser has said that the 2021 MacBook Air is going to feature 2 USB Type C ports. He however didn’t mention with any firmness if Apple will continue with the MagSafe charger or shift to a different solution.

    2021 MacBook Air to feature a slab like flat design. Courtesy: iMore
    2021 MacBook Air to feature a slab like flat design. Courtesy: iMore

    The lack of an SD card reader, an HDMI port or the mini-LED display was the reason why Jon had classified this leak to be of the 2021 MacBook Air in the first place.

    The 2021 MacBook Air might also have larger function keys and a smaller trackpad. The rubber strips at the bottom may also be altered from the previous 4 dots at the corners, to rubber rails running at the sides.

    While Jon Prosser has an accuracy of 77.8%, according to Cult of Mac, its still very early to comment on the MacBook Air.

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