Marvel’s Spider Man PC Remastered is finally arriving on 12th August and we are excited


    Marvel’s Spider Man, the smasher hit PS4 and PS5 game developed by Insomniac Games is finally being ported to the Windows for PC gamers. The news on the line that is officially stated says that the game will be released on 12th August worldwide. It is however interesting to note that in some places the game will be released on 13th August.

    Marvel’s Spider Man was first released back in 2018 on the PlayStation 4 console by Insomniac Games and since then the game has developed a cult following. It was both a critical and commercial success. The game was supremely praised for it’s artistic visuals, engaging storyline, and gameplay. The news about the release of Marvel’s Spider Man PC was around for a long time. Especially after Sony announced the ports of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War (2018), gamers were particularly curious about the porting of Marvel’s Spider Man to PC.

    Marvel’s Spider Man PC was announced back in June 2022

    It was only recently announced officially by Sony at the June 2022 State of Play showcase, that Marvel’s Spider Man: Remastered will be a released on 12th August for worldwide PCs. The game has since then held a spectacular buzz. It’s liquid smooth graphics and crisp 4K visuals have had gamers drooling.

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    With hardly 2 days to go, the pre-release reviews for the pc port have been overwhelming, much like the 2018 PlayStation version. Sony also announced the subsequent release of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for Windows. The sudden increase of PC ports from Sony’s PlayStation exclusive titles is a step taken after years of requests (and protests) by gamers across the globe.

    Sony has been in the business of PlayStation exclusive titles and Insomniac Games developed Spider Man is one of it’s premium titles. PC gamers have always been disappointed with the exclusion of Windows for certain blockbuster titles from the past that were limited to PlayStation consoles. God of War series, Uncharted Series and the two The Last of Us parts were one of most sought after PlayStation games in the past 2 decades.

    It is only now that the times are changing and there is a lot of hope for PC gamers to play all those exclusive golden titles.

    Games apart from Marvel’s Spider Man that are in the news for a PC port.

    The word has it that after the ports of Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War (2018) and Marvel’s Spider Man, Sony has lined up an Uncharted game and The Last of Us (2013) for the PC remaster. While The Last of Us remake has been officially announced by Naughty Dogs for a PC release, the former title is yet to be officially picked out of the curtains.

    As of now, while there is no news, the gaming community is strongly hoping Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarök will be transported to Windows too.

    What to expect from Marvel’s Spider Man: Remastered?

    Well we don’t expect anything less than a complete spectacle of a game. The PlayStation version is still considered to be one of the best console games of the past decade. So it is no wonder that the PC version will be going to give a tough competition to other titles. The gameplay mechanics of Marvel’s Spider Man is considered to be one of the best. The fluid web swinging, the beautiful city of New York, the articulate hand-to-hand combat system and a powerful plot are one of the core strengths of this 2018 PlayStation title. So far, the early reviews have all expressed their satisfaction with the game.

    The expectations that were targeting Insomniac Games were well met with a solid game. Now it’s for the gamers to play and give the final verdict.


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