YouTube’s streaming service is the next big plan: Internal Reports from 13th August

    YouTube Streaming Service

    YouTube, one of the Alphabet Inc’s premium companies is planning to launch a new streaming service this fall. As reported by The Wall Street journal, YouTube might launch a new online store for streaming videos. “Channel Store”, is what the company is referring to the aforementioned store internally. The reports are that YouTube is trying map deals with various entertainment platforms to provide participation for the same.

    YouTube’s streaming service might be here soon

    Expected launch date for YouTube’s new streaming service

    YouTube’s streaming service is going to be an online store

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    As of now there is no official confirmation nor any word as to when the store will be live. But the product has been in the works for 18 months as of now and YouTube is firm on launching the service sometime soon this fall. While Alphabet Inc has not officially released any press statements, a close source from the company has reported that the company plans to set the store on floors by the end of this fall.

    The streaming market is the current “big thing” and almost all major companies are in the horde to launch their respective platforms to raise up the stakes. Apple has it already going great with it’s Apple TV. It is expected that the Walmart Inc is also joining the crowd and is in talks with various media houses for a similar fest.

    The shift from cable TVs to OTTs

    The boom of the new boy “OTT” platform has raced past the age old cable-TVs recently when the world was locked up inside their homes. With almost all major countries providing access to unlimited and fast internet, people were quick to shift from the traditional usage of TV-channels to the new fast paced OTT content. Almost every household is now adapted to this change and for the right reasons as the idea of accessing entertainment anywhere-and-everywhere is quite convenient as compared to older times.

    It is hence very much expected from YouTube to keep an eye on the market and plunge into the already blooming streaming services market. As to how well the plan is executed is yet to be seen.


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