World Environment Day: #BeatThePollution

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    5th June marks the World Environment Day every year. This day is used to highlight the various issues faced by our planet. The theme is set by the UN every year. Last year’s focus was the adverse effect of plastic on the environment. This year’s aim is to tackle air pollution. China will be hosting the event this time around, and contrary to popular belief, harmful air contaminants in country’s capital have been purged by a third in the last two decades.

    Effect of Air Pollution on the Environment

    We all know that air pollution is increasing by the minute. But do we really know how bad it is? Here are some facts:

    According to WHO, 4.2 Million people die every year due to air pollution. The air pollutant responsible for most deaths and diseases is the particulate matter that is less than 2.5mm in diameter. Primary sources of it include power plants, emissions of motor vehicles, and combustion of biomass. Ground-level Ozone and Black Carbon are SLCPs (short-lived climate pollutant). Reducing the presence of these can cause a significant impact on the environment.

    You can do a lot of things to help:

    • Reduce the use of motor vehicles. Just carpool!
    • Plant more trees. You’ll be surprised to know what all they can do and feel!
    • Say no to plastic.
    • Produce less waste.
    • Don’t use wood stoves.
    Motor vehicles are one of the primary causes of air pollution.
    Motor vehicles are one of the primary causes of air pollution.

    The list keeps going on. An important initiative by WHO and the UN is Breathe Life. They aim to make a difference one individual at a time. You can help bring a difference by committing to make a difference today.

    There are a lot of ways to die. One of the most deadly and unexpected one is the invisible killer – air pollution. This planet is our home, and it’ll continue to be so for at least the next 2-3 centuries, so it’s essential we do whatever we can to preserve it . I’m going to end how I started, with facts.

    You can check out a real-time pollution index of the world here.

    The Earth needs help. Take a step today.

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