Wild Life – An Upcoming Adult Action-RPG


    The modern video game environment is absolutely littered with open-world survival games and each new release quickly climbs it’s way up the charts as people dive in to fight and die in a continuous cycle. Some stay at the top, while others dwindle down as the months go by, nonetheless they keep on coming and when you’ve got this much competition, you gotta do what you can to stand out and on that note, a certain title by the name of Wild Life has decided to accomplish this feat by going in a decidedly more adult direction from its contemporaries.

    Wild Life

    Wild Life, which currently under development and being financed through Patreon, aims to tackle the survival game market viva a healthy dose of sexual content. The development team asserts that the game’s main elements will involve exploring the game’s untamed world, surviving any dangers it might hold, uncovering the story of the main character, interacting with the various inhabitants and forging sexual relationships with the NPCs.

    Check below for the team’s pitch of the game:

    And here’s an overview of the title, via its Patreon page:

    In a world very different from ours life was relatively peaceful between the tribal people in touch with the lush nature around them and the creatures roaming the woods and vast landscapes. The balance shifted when foreigners from different worlds worlds discovered the unspoiled environment and its inhabitants. Rogue criminals and vagabonds came to seek fortune and make a living by hunting and killing the majestic creatures and searching for rare, precious materials. Not only criminals developed an interest for the world, noble scholars started studying the world. They document and research the creatures and tribal people looking for ancient relics, witnesses to the times that were.

    Become the heroine Maya – strong, beautiful and able to call upon her wings,her tribal heritage – in this gripping Adult Action-RPG.Roam the world from fertile forests to dry and sun-soaked deserts, spread your wings and cut through the skies of a world torn by greed and vanity. Find your own way to ensure your survival and embrace the possibilities of fighting and sex.

    Maya’s story is just the beginning. As development continues there will be more characters of different factions for you to experience. For example you could also take the role of Max, a young troublemaker from the poor regions of an industrial world, still looking for his place in life, who joined the raiders in a call for adventure. Fighting and surviving for purpose and meaning on this wild uncharted planet.

    Wild Life

    According to their Patreon, the development team for Wild Life is said to include various individuals from the film and games industries who have accumulated experience working on a number of big name projects which include games such as Overwatch, Kill Zone and Battleforge as well as films like Disney’s The Jungle Book, Wonder Woman, The Revenant and Passengers.

    The game’s latest build was released on the 19th of last month for patrons. A publicly available build of the game can be found here, though do note that it will be an older version containing censored scenes. The title requires at least mid-tier hardware to run with the minimum GPU requirement being a GTX 960.

    Wild Life

    Wild Life currently has no specific time frame for release but is set to launch exclusively on PC.

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