Bluedio T6 Turbine – Review


    With wireless technology banking in on the market, headphones are no new introduction in the realm of Bluetooth with millions of users jamming to their favorite tracks with these hassle free devices. Here, we take a look at the Bluedio Turbine T6 headset which is equipped with active noise cancelling and a wireless Bluetooth 4.2 connection compatible across multiple platforms, among various other features.

    The headphones look dapper and their standard and clean appearance is sure to appeal to a larger crowd. It is available in the colors Black, Love Red and Yellow catering to personalized taste. The construction material of the headband is metal while the ear cups are primarily high quality plastic. It features relatively large 57 mm dynamic drivers. A convenient upgrade from the T4 and T5 is the presence of a single functionality button revamping the previous design which had 4 operating buttons. The earphones are comfortably light and are significantly less heavy than the previous models.

    The operation of the headphones is fairly simple with its built in voice for function feedback. Upon unboxing, we are greeted with a chic velvet pouch serving as a storage bag for the accessories. This headset also offers a USB type-C charging cable. The 650 mAh battery can be effectively charged in 1.5 to 2 hours and lasts for a staggering 25 hours. The Bluetooth distance range is about 10 meters with limited obstacles but is impressively more (50 feet and going) during real time use with no compromise in audio output .

    While using these headphones with the ANC off, the bass is impactful enough and the sub bass reaches good depth catering to standard genres of music and specific bassy tracks as well. Using the T6 with the ANC off however results in a more mellowed but cleaner response. The bass gets significantly less bouncy and impactful but results in a crispier effect. These two modes can be worked with interchangeably according to taste and surroundings. With the volume up, there is sound leakage but considering you average surroundings, the headphone serves decently with respect to privacy of tracks. Most importantly, the ANC is very effective and has reduced electrical static feedback making it a rather pleasing experience.  

    The clamping force of the Bluedio T6 is strong and provides the user with a pleasant immersive experience. The ear cups are no longer oval shaped and offer more closure to the ears. The cushioned cups and headband accentuate the comfort factor. Moreover, these stunning pair of headphones come at a very affordable price while offering a quality experience to the average consumer.

    Overall, we are pleased to report that the Bluedio T6 is an impressive product catering across an array of needs and ticking the right boxes. Its simplicity in use and versatility in handling multiple genres makes it a good package. Also, its affordable price and easy availability encompasses the user’s needs and makes it a valuable product to add to your accessories. With quality experience and affordability in the bag, the Bluedio T6 is definitely worth it!  

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