WhatsApp has Now Enabled Chat History to be Synced on Many Devices


    WhatsApp‘s latest update helps sync our chat history across multiple platforms and devices. The linked device feature is supposed to cater to this new update for WhatsApp.

    So, what this update does is it lets the users use the WhatsApp account on about four devices altogether. Currently, the messaging app syncs the chat history once users shift devices, but this update will change that system. 

    It has been the most anticipated and requested feature that users have asked for where one account of WhatsApp can be used on multiple devices. According to WABetaInfo, there could be a possibility of using one single account on multiple devices. 

    It is also reported that the messaging app was already working on designing an interface for Android as well as iOS. “When the user wants to use WhatsApp on a second device, there is the need to copy the chat history. In this case, WhatsApp always requires a Wi-Fi connection, because it may use a large amount of your data plan,” said WABetaInfo.

    It is also important to note that WhatsApp would require the user to have a Wi-Fi connection to be able to have this feature working from them. 

    With the help of a strong internet connection, users would be able to share data from one device to another. Notably, once the data has been shared, the user does not need an internet connection, according to WABetaInfo. This is a new feature, so it required for users to have a working and strong internet connection on their mobile device while using both WhatsApp Web or its desktop app.

    It has been reported that the messaging app is working on the multiple syncing of chat history on both Android and iPhone devices.

    Since the app is making this development for Apple devices, iPhone users can use the app simultaneously on their iPads and iPhones. An iPad version of WhatsApp has also been in the development for quite a while.

    Notably, the multiple syncing features are said to be made available for both desktop and mobile users of the app. 

    Currently, there has been no news reported on whether at all WhatsApp would be allowing the syncing of chats between Apple devices and Android devices. This becomes an important part of the whole feature because if somebody has two devices, say an Android phone and an iPhone, the need for this feature to work across different brands would also be of prime importance.

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