New Features on WhatsApp: What to Expect

WhatsApp, the messaging service, will receive quite a few features. When it comes to the messaging platform, any update is a big update. It has more than 2 billion clients around the world. Often these features come with certain disadvantages but mostly not so much.

As of late, WhatsApp has been trying several other highlights and features for its versatile application. A large portion of these features has really been in progress for a couple of months. Furthermore, there are different features which are either accessible in beta or not in all markets. Here’s a little more about the features that one can expect, let’s dive into it. 

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WhatsApp is working on many features which will draw the user’s attention. There soon can be a mute option on the app and an option that allows users to search the web. These features are expected to reach users pretty soon. It is reported that it has been working on a multi-device support feature too. This feature, in particular, has been in the development phase for some time now so users can expect this feature to be rolled out soon. 

Here’s a list of new features :

Search the Web option: The company has now planned to add the ‘Search the web‘ features which is expected to roll out soon. WhatsApp will let users check the authenticity and the credibility of the forwarded message and the source, which will avoid misinformation as stated by the company in an announcement in a blog post. Search the web is supposed to roll out in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and the US who have the latest versions of the app on Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web.

Disappearing or expiring messages will also be a new feature as reported by WABetaInfo. The website, that tracks the latest updates on WhatsApp’s beta version, has informed about the feature being reused which now allows the users to send text messages that disappear after a set period of time. 

Multiple devices support is under development for quite some time now. This new feature will let users access WhatsApp on multiple devices such as smartphones or tablets with the help of a single account. 

Picture-In-Picture support for ShareChat videos, it is working on adding picture-in-picture support for ShareChat videos for its app on both Android and iOS smartphones. 

WhatsApp Pay is also set to launch with the National Payments Corp. of India (NPCI) informing the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that the messaging platform has met data localization requirements.

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