Top 5 Boxing/Fighting Games on Android

Most of us in our childhood days became a fan of in-ring fighting sports. May it be the famous World Wrestling Entertainment aka WWE or the richest association of the fighting genre UFC. There are a lot of editions of such games on consoles or PC. It really turns out to be an unfair deal for the android gamers who want to experience the virtual version of the sport. So, in today’s article, we shall check out the top 5 in-ring fighting/boxing games available on Android.

Gameplay, graphics, in-game sound effects, ratings, and reviews are given priority while forming up the list.



One of the richest sports in the world is available on Android. The game developed by EA sports has many addictive features. You start off your journey from being a normal fighter and then before the game ends you establish yourself as a professional UFC fighter. The game also has live events through which players can enhance the skill-set of their fighters. The graphics of the game look phenomenal. The crowd audio creates a realistic atmosphere. The controls are kept simple. The only drawback in the game is that it freezes a lot especially when there is fluctuation in internet speed.

2. Real Boxing

real boxing

The game provides an artificial look about what exactly boxing looks like. The game comes with the same storyline as that of the other career mode games. The game provides an additional feature of training the fighters in the gym and building them up for the fights. The visualization of the games could have been better though, but yes the audience effects do add a feel to the gameplay. But yes the game has got many alluring features.

3. Boxing Star


The game surely is a treat for unorthodox boxing lovers. The game comes with an idea of street fighting. The game has a story mode where you have to train and then fight across different leagues in order to accomplish the game. Apart from the story mode, various other modes are available in the game. The graphics of the game are thrilling, various victory celebrations are available. The developers could have done detailed work for the in-game sound effects. But apart from some minor pessimistic points, the game surely is a complete package.

4. Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior

Ninja Warrior Boxing

The game is much more than just being a boxing genre game. The game connects boxing with Kung Fu techniques and the combination of the two is very rare to find. The audio effects surely get an adrenaline rush inside the gamer. However, the game lacks when we talk about graphics. The gameplay looks unique, primarily because of the various animated Kung Fu moves mixed with boxing style.

5. Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World robot Boxing

The game is one of the discordant boxing games available on the android platform. The game brings up a glossy idea of Robots fighting inside a ring. The graphic seems very pleasing. There are various modes available for the players, including the multiplayer mode. The game had an outbreak after it was released on Android. Despite having a dissonant concept, the game surely has abundant things to attract boxing lovers.

So, these were the Top 5 boxing games which are available over android platform.

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