Times Prime is an Application for All the People Who Live On The Go

    Times Prime
    Times Prime

    Premium subscription programmes are really in right now. People are signing up to various services for reasonable prices. However, there’s a lot of benefits that can be found through such applications. If you’re someone who is into such things, then Times Prime is the app for you.

    The app is trustworthy and contains coupons for a variety of services. These include categories such as news, entertainment, lifestyle and more. These services will definitely help you to elevate your life.

    You must be wondering, however, that what exactly Times Prime is. It is a comprehensive digital membership service for premium content and exclusive benefits. It is a part of the Times group, the largest entertainment and media group right now in India.

    How to sign up

    Times Prime
    Times Prime Sign-up

    Honestly, the sign-up process is quite simple. The home page gives you an overview of what Times Prime has to offer along with an option to become a member or to enjoy 30 days of free trial. You can choose either one and use your email or phone number to make an account. However, I would advise you to check the services out for 30 days, although I am quite certain you won’t be disappointed. The free trial comes with 12 offers that you can try out without spending a single dime.

    After that

    Times Prime
    Times Prime Home

    After you have signed up and logged in to Times Prime, you will land up in the Home page which will give you an overview of the various categories and which coupons are available for your use.

    You then have three more tabs to sift through. Memberships are long-term things that you can sign up for which includes a 6-month Zee5 subscription, a chance to enjoy exclusive content on the TOI app – ad free, a Gaana Plus membership and much more.

    Next, we have Offers, which are not-so-long-term things like 15% off Myntra coupon codes, Rs 400 off on video consultations in care.fit or discounts on salon services. There are various other coupons from brands such as Chaayos, Burger King, Paytm, PVR etc.

    And lastly, we have Events, which is quite self-explanatory. You get offers and discounts on various events taking place in your city.

    Sounds quite lucrative, right?

    How it works

    Times Prime
    Times Prime

    So, now that you have gone through all the pages and checked out what Times Prime has to offer, you can start selecting which offers you want to avail.

    First, select the offers that interest you and click to Activate them.

    Next, go to the respective website/store whose offer you activated and use the discount code/ coupon there. For memberships, you just copy the code and paste them on the website by following the link given below it.

    Finally, login and enjoy your benefits. It’s as simple as that!


    Now, if you’re satisfied with your free trial, you can move on to the subscription. The process is also fairly simple. Plus, you get to enjoy 30% off if you pay with HDFC Times Card.

    Why get it?


    I mean, why not? Times Prime offers so many offers from so many different categories – food, entertainment, events and whatnot. It’s exciting and fun and gives you an excuse to have fun at the maximum without burning a hole in your pocket.

    On top of that, the interface is pretty easy to understand and you can select as many coupons as you want without batting an eyelid.

    It helps you save money on various websites and also gives cashbacks on Paytm. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Moreover, the coupons are easily redeemable and have never caused an issue while using them. Considering all the hassles we face every day, the convenience that this app offers is definitely a plus.

    You can download Times Prime on Android and iOS or can visit their website.

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