Top 5 Online Combat Mobile Games to Try During the Pandemic Situation


    In the past few years, the gaming industry has changed a lot. Not only have PC games evolved but the mobile gaming industry has progressed. 2018 basically saw the increment of audience in the mobile gaming community. In the current scenario, most mobile gamers are attracted to some particular genres. The most popular genre in the present phase is Online Combat games. People are passionate about making strategies and implementing them using gun power and skills. In this article, we shall discuss the top 5 mobile games based on downloads, audience interaction, ratings, and reviews.

    1. PUBGM- PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile

    Pubg mobile

    Whenever there is a discussion about top online mobile games, the first game which strikes our head is PUBGM. Launched in March 2018, the game proved to be revolutionary in the gaming industry. The game was previously available over PC and Xbox. But the company’s decision over expanding its availability over mobile platforms turned to be historic. With over 100 Million downloads, PUBGM is surely the top-grossing mobile combat game of this decade.

    2. Garena Free Fire

    Garena Free Fire

    The game launched in December 2017 had to struggle a lot in the opening days as the concept of Combat games. But as time passed by, people started to enjoy the game. People with low-end devices can easily access the game, which surely attracts everyone to give this game a try. With over 500 million downloads, this game comes second in the list.

    3. CODM – Call Of Duty Mobile

    Call of Duty Mobile

    Being a gamer, it will be really weird if you are unaware of the name Call Of Duty. Every one of us has come across this name. Just like the PC version, the mobile version also has many catchy things that are attracting people worldwide. The game was released in October 2019 and within just 8 months the game has seen over 100 million downloads.

    4. Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS

    Modern strike online

    The game released in May 2017 is basically based on Team Death Match mode. The size of the game is only 440 Mb but still, the graphics are impeccable. There are various guns based on ranges. Therefore, with over 50 million downloads, this game surely is a must-try game.

    5. Cyber Hunter


    The game launched in April 2019 is a battle royal game. The game is way too similar to the above-mentioned game but the ingredient which makes it a must-try game is the superpower enhanced gameplay. Players are able to perform various unrealistic which makes is different from other games. However, many people assume that this game is made on the idea of Fortnite.

    So, there we have it – some of the best online games which you should try while staying at home during the COVID 19 pandemic situation.


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