The Unique Lifestyles Behind These Professions


    For some people, their career is their entire life. Sometimes this is due to their personal goals and ambitions, but other times their career is so demanding that it takes up a large portion of their time and energy. With so many different careers out there, you may be interested to hear the unique and demanding lifestyles that come with certain fields. Let’s take a look at the lifestyles required of these interesting professions. 


    As you can imagine, the life of a commercial airline pilot is a nonstop affair. Once you get past the stress and constant training required, you are still at the whim of scheduling and are constantly “on call.” Weekends and holidays off are far from a guarantee, and it is likely that most pilots will end up working during these high-traffic times. 

    As a pilot, you are constantly on the move from city to city, hotel to hotel. However, despite drawbacks, there are certainly still some benefits. The average salary is quite good, and they get to have time off in exotic and interesting locations. 

    Professional Poker Players

    Professional poker players live a life that is romanticized but the reality is far from glamorous. There is no such thing as a guaranteed paycheck and if you don’t perform well, you don’t get paid. Of course, stress and anxiety is a big part of this lifestyle and certainly must be overcome in healthy ways.

    Professional card players spend hours upon hours at a table grinding out hands. They also may choose to travel around their home country to find promising tables to play at. It’s a difficult, grueling lifestyle that many players often retire from early. 

    The world of poker has been compared countless times to the world of business, and these professional players often build up a palette of skills that makes it easy for them to transition into other business ventures. This game certainly demands a lot from these pro players, and it is not surprising to see many try out different industries once they have decided to walk away from professional poker. 

    Underwater Photographer

    Here is a very unique career field that comes with an extraordinary lifestyle. Underwater photography is a specialized field that requires a combination of scuba diving expertise, and proper photography skills. It’s certainly not an easy field to get into, but it can be immensely rewarding.

    You likely have seen more of these types of photographs than you realize. Underwater photography is used to document marine life, have glamorous photoshoots, or numerous other applications. A day in the life of this professional begins very early. They may be in a remote location with only an hour to get the perfect shots. Besides the usual challenges that come with photography, you may be battling any number of imperfect weather conditions. Photographers often get to travel the world and meet interesting people, but on every level this is a very challenging profession. 

    Cruise Ship Crew

    The life of a crew member aboard a cruise ship is far from the norm. While guests may only be aboard a ship for a weekend to a week, crew members may stay on board for months at a time until their contract has expired. While there, they must live under a strict set of rules and regulations. 

    Crew members often share a crowded room with at least one other member. Space is restricted and thus, it’s best to pack light. They begin every day early and may work 12 or more hours throughout the day, and this will continue for weeks without a day off. For meals, you are often at the mercy of whatever the ship’s crew cook for you. You certainly do not have many opportunities to leave the ship, so it’s best to make sure you have all of your essentials with you, including the best smartphone you can purchase, because if something needs to be replaced you may have to wait weeks to get an opportunity. 

    Despite these challenges, many crew members enjoy their job and it does come with some benefits. Because meals and your room is included for free, people in this career often get to save a ton of money during their contract. In addition, you work alongside some interesting people from all over the world, learning new skills and sharing experiences.

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