The Evolution in Table Game Technology is here now!

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    Table games have been with us for a long time and they keep evolving. Let’s take a look at how, and what some of the new evolutions are.

    A little history

    Casino table games have a very long and illustrious history. They have been with us for generations, providing us with hundreds and hundreds of years of fun and many an unexpected jackpot. So many table games are probably a lot older than you thought!

    For example, roulette (which means “little wheel” in French) was first played in the casinos of France around the 18th century. It has evolved from the 0 and 00 version of the wheel to the single 0 versions more commonly used today. If the ball lands on either of these, you lose your bet…so be careful! These zeros used to be red and black, like the rest of the wheel, but when the wheel was redesigned in the 19th century these spaces were changed to green to avoid confusion.

    Blackjack can also trace its roots back to the same century and even the same country. As all table games have evolved, so too did Black Jack, born from games like Chemin De Fer and One and Thirty which were played in France and Spain respectively. 21, Blackjack’s original name, was only phased out when the game hit Nevada in 1931. The name Blackjack actually comes from a certain bet, which was made with a hand consisting of a black Jack and an Ace of Spades. It offers its owner a 10:1 on their original bet.

    It’s not quite as popular, but Baccarat is an older game than either of these 2, starting off in the 15th century in Italy. It is believed by many that this game was based on the legend of an Etruscan virgin who had to roll nine-sided dice to determine her fate. Should she roll an 8 or 9, she would gain elevated status and become a priestess. A 6 or 7 would let her live, but outside of the love of community and religion. Any lower than a 6 and she really was out of luck: she would be banished to the ocean to drown. Thankfully playing a game of Baccarat isn’t life or death!

    Of course, the French, tastemakers that they are, adopted this game and it became very popular with the aristocrats. It would still take a few hundred years for the game to gain popularity in the rest of Europe. Of course these days, Baccarat is all the rage…Europe’s most famous spy is a huge Baccarat fan himself! I’m talking, of course, about Bond, James Bond.

    Table games that feature dice are the oldest of the lot, having been born in ancient Rome. Of course, loaded dice were a problem even way back then, so it’s definitely a good thing that games like these evolve as time goes on.

    The Online Experience

    Since ancient Rome and the parlors of France, casino table games certainly have come a long way. Not only have the rules for these games evolved over time, but their names have even changed too, in some cases. 

    With the advent and radical rise in popularity of online and mobile casinos, there is no longer a need to leave the house and head down to a brick-and-mortar casino to play your favorite table games. Now, not only are there slots that you can play online, but table games too! Have a game of roulette, a few hands of poker, or even try your hand at craps. 

    Online casinos have hastened the evolution of table games from physical to remote, and this evolution could not have come at a better time. Since COVID 19 became a problem, people have not been able to leave their houses as much. With this particular evolution of table games, we don’t need to! The online evolution has also included exciting offers like first-time player bonuses, free plays,  and free money offers from the casinos to ensure that their players feel like they are getting the best possible deal.

    Of course, playing at an online casino rather than a physical one can be just as exciting an experience as keeping things old school and sitting at a table with a dealer right in front of you. This evolution offers all the good things you love about table games and none of the effort.

    The Future

    The future of table games is bright. With so many ways to play these games that we know and love, there can only be winners.

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